Saturday, March 08, 2008


When we got back from watching the rugby (and the Reds/Stormers game was so boring I nearly fell asleep but we did have a bbq) - there were 2 emails together - one from Robin to say that Marrakech had arrived rural delivery and the next one was from DHL with an invoice - they must be joking. But - I am very pleased it has arrived safely.

Lots of the new owners moving into the apartments next door - it is a bit strange having neighbours again after a couple of years. Very pleased that one of the first things they did was to turn the switch off on the very bright lights which came on every evening and annoyed us intensely.

today I have been working on pintucks but I will put pics up tomorrow. And yes Doreen I will take a photo of us wearing the Force shirts.......

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Frances said...

Dale I'm so pleased your book has arrived safely, I was horrified when I read the previous post saying it might not arrive till next weds, I think dhl should be paying you for the stress they put you under but I know that's dreamland, best thoughts Frances


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