Friday, March 07, 2008

DHL - how good are you not

Phone call to DHL on Tuesday morning re sending parcel to NZ overnight. Other services told us 2 days but DHL said yes 1 day - ie Wednesday. So we agree - the charge (not yet paid...) is $120

Parcel picked up from our place at 16.29pm - to be on the plane to NZ that night

Here's the tracking so far

Wednesday parcel leaves Perth at 13.28pm - what has it been doing for nearly a day?

Thursday 10.54am - parcel arrives in Auckland. Have they swum it over the Tasman?

Friday 5.30am - parcel leaves Auckland to fly(?) to Christchurch
Friday 8.15am - parcel arrives in Christchurch

Robyn tells me DHL have told her it should arrive in Wanaka next Wednesday at the latest.

Can you believe it? Yes you probably can.

If we had sent it by Aust Post it probably would be there by now. Cost $9.50

As you can imagine we are not happy and will be sending off letter of complaint. Customer servie today was quite hopeless.

More importantly - we watched the rugby - the Hurricanes won although they were not exciting at all. Bruce has got us all frree tickets to go watch the Force play the Crusaders on Sunday - unfortunately it entails wearing a force t-shirt. I am not so good at that sort of thing.


artisbliss said...

What a thoroughly disgusting experience with DHL. They're not very dependable stateside, either. Hope watching rugby helps you forget it all.

Anonymous said...

What a disaster with DHL! It surprises me because we use DHL at work all the time and have rarely had any problems. Often I can order something from Aussie at 3pm and receive it by 9am next day. Though of course, that is Sydney to Auckland, not Perth to Wanaka.

Make sure you have a camera at the rugby - we want to see a photo of you in your Force t-shirt. We are playing the Sharks tonight - Go the Blues. :)

Doreen G said...

Maybe you should have sent the parcel with your son in his boat.
About the shirt---can't you tell them you're a size 8 and when it turns up say it won't fit you that you had ordered an 18.
Am I devious or what?

bitchinatstitchin said...

DHL are the pits, FedEx is okay but EXPENSIVE to say the least but they DO fulfill obligations.
The problem with the West is that the major hubs for airfrieght are either Melbourne or Sydney so it has to get there to meet international flights usually.
Aus Post Express Courier is my preferred and I come from a transport industry background


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