Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gogo's Madras Curry House

The other night it was Eva and Malachy's wedding anniversary and we went to Gogo's for a great Indian meal. This is the best Indian restaurant in Perth and some of you know that we have a very favourite Indian restaurant in Darling Harbour called Zaaffran - well both chefs went to the same cooking school in Bombay. Must have been a great school becasue we love the food at both. We took Pokey and John Bolton to Zaaffran's when they were in Sydney and they enjoyed it too.

Anyway why would you go anywhere else in Perth when you can visit Gogo and he's a very nice guy as well.

One of my favourite dishes is his eggplant dish which Frank (who is Italian) loves too - this is our little platter of food the other night.

Here are Malachy and me and Ian and Eva - we had a good night. We met them in Tokoroa many years ago when we were teaching there and we all moved here.

Gogo is mad on cricket and has cricket stuff all over the walls - he cooks for the cricket teams when they come to Perth. Here is some of the paraphernalia on the wall. He is trying to set up an Indian tapas bar next door where there is currently a disused premise which used to hold snooker and stuff. However the Town of Vincent have knocked it back twice with no proper reasons. Seems there are different rules for different players. They are on all the time about Beaufort Street being a great eating mecca etc but it would seem they would prefer a run-down rubbishy place unused and derelict to just sit there to a fantastic eatery where we would like to be able to go.



Unknown said...

indian food! my favorite, hot and spicy...hmm. happy weekend :)

Christine said...

Mmm, food looks yummy although the Indian curries don't always agree with me unfortunately. Too rich I guess. Great flavours though. Hope you had a glass of wine or two to relax, you certainly sound like you deserve it lately, VBG.


artisbliss said...

Your dinner looks marvelous. I love Indian food.

Anonymous said...

This looks inviting, indian food my favourite

Mom2fur said...

An Indian Tapas bar is an amazing idea! I hope he gets to open the place soon, and with no more hassle.
I'm not a big fan of Indian food. But my boss is Indian, and she makes the most amazing lamb curry.


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