Monday, April 30, 2012

tidy studio, busy brain, little action

 Tidied up after my workshop - it is actually good to have to clear because it does clear the head - table is cluttered already though because I am working and planning for Canada. More because I cannot take everything so I am trying to be selective. Then there seemed to be a fire in my light so I had to lock up and leave it for Ian to inspect tomorrow.

When I was in Broome I became a little obsessed with frangipani leaves, imagining that they were bigger, better and fleshier than here but of course they are not. What I have loved it the way they have broken down and I have been drawing them and stitching them etc. At the top is the start of a leaf journal I am working on - Romeo is a good way to get a result. I am hoping to have a few more pages made to take with me to Canada.

Of course I have quite a few other pieces all over the table in various stages - lace pages half stitched and this came out of Saturday's workshop when I was waving foils around. I am beading all around it tonight.

Lots of ideas and not a lot of time but always exciting.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday and the rain cometh

Lovely Artful Journey starting out workshop today. They did some great stuff with paper napkins and gave me some new ideas which I plan to explore tis week. I let them select their own napkins from my supplies - sometimes choice makes it harder. Liz had fun with this one

With foil background

Margaret had fun - we all enjoyed the foils

The colours are all a bit orange - I think the light and the impending rain may not have helped

Emily had heaps of fun with poppies

All great stuff

Managed to watch the rugby - sadly the Chiefs were just too good for the Hurricanes. Then it rained - wow - loads of. We decided to stay indoors and watch the Force vs Stormers instead of sitting in the stands in the heavy rain. It's wonderful though.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday night and the BBQ has done its good work

Lamb is resting

Roast kumera, red onions and zucchini with a honey and balsamic dressing

About to eat - good way to finish the week

Artful Workshop tomorrow and then getting ready for Canada. Packing the kits and deciding what to send for the merchant night - the box goes on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Location:Chez Rollerson

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 We seem to have holidays all the time but it is ANZAC day today so we have managed to get a few jobs done- these are the new Hemp Cord which we found at CHA - great selection of colours and some variegateds still to go.

I am testing out some new paint colours - what do you think? The bottom colour is really orange and I am hoping for a gright pink as well. love the two top colours.

The next colour in the Sari Ribbon is here - Arabian Nights - we have sold out of Kimberley Dreaming but more is on its way. This one looks wonderful. I can't wait until we have a heap of different colours.

The latest Cloth Paper Scissors arrived yesterday as well - managed to send about half out and the rest are now all done and ready to go tomorrow.

I have put everything away from my Northampton workshop and getting ready for my Saturday workshop in my studio - Starting your Artful Journey - beacuse it is only one day I am not sure how much we will get done but it will be a busy and I hope, exciting day. I have just had a cancellation if anyone is interested at this late stage. All the details are on my workshop page above. I am a bit obsessed with my fangipani leaves and hoping to get something made using the idea.

We went to a great new restaurant - Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurant - last night - with Val and Jim. only 2 steps away and very good. Tonight we are having a bbq at home.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Northampton Workshop

I have just spent a lovely weekend in Northampton (the Western Australian one) and I stayed at Horrocks with Di and Ian , who were wonderful hosts - crayfish for lunch was a treat and I behaved myself by sitting through an Aussie Rules game only falling asleep for a short time and then Eagles won. Sadly I had to wait until today to find out what happened in the rugby but the Hurricanes were beaten.

My class arrived well before me on the Sunday - they worked hard and created some lovely work. That is one of the exciting things about workshops - everyone learns something new and I always get new ideas from what people do.

The old paper napkins went down well and it always amazes me the different results you get
Joan didn't really want to sew......

We did a variety of different things

Wonderful from Leonie

And some more

And then she found my three fat sparrows moulding mat which she insisted were three fat chooks - who am I to disagree?

Jude produced these ethereal pieces

I am not sure whose these were but we started talking about additions to silk

Di was planning with rods

A few more additions to silk

Helen stitched some rods

She was also busy with napkins - this was lovely

And some layering

Not sure whose this was but Bonny who whipped her work away before I could catch it was working in pink

I think Dell did this one

More additions

A variety of activities

And more

And more

Simple transfer with some great results

Barbara's pieces were fantastic

Some casting awaiting

Some more of Barbara's work

And she found my favourite sponge alphabet stamps


And the sunset at Horrocks - thanks everyone for a delightful weekend - I loved all the work and enjoyed the surrounds.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


 I thought I would revisit the very beginning of my blog writing - back in 2006 or so - I have written a lot since then - could turn it into an autobiography. This was the very first ATC I made using felting needles - sadly someone stole it from my stand at AQC and when you make another it is never the same.

This was it - and I gave it a foot this time so it could always walk home. I do hope the person who stole it has looked after it. Always a little of your soul goes walkabout when part of you vanishes without word.

At that same AQC I handed around a full size sheet of Tissutex all painted and batiked and when it came back it was half the size - some luscious type had torn half of it off - amazing. Hope she or he used it wisely.

And this was the first bigger piece of needlefelting I made - amazing how you change although I am still very fond of this one. I think it is the colours.

I have worked very hard this week and have finally got all the one-off supa sale orders done - not all invoiced as yet but it is quite satisfying after a very busy four days. Thanks to everyone who took advantage of our generous sale. It has been intersting to see what you bought. Hardly a machine thread - wonder what that means?

Now I have a lot of prep to do for my workshop this weekend in Northampton which I am looking forward to - be up bright and early to pack etc - I still want to play with my frangipani leaf and gelli plate first though.
but in the meantime it is wine o'clock and a bbq. The rain from yesterday did not last.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Roses

My beautiful birthday roses from Kazuko and Bruce - so lovely. And last night they took us out to dinner at Wot the Pho - always great food - we skipped the entree so we could have desert.

No time to do anything remotely creative today - busy working through the one-off supa sale orders. Think we might nearly be half way. We do all the regular orders as they come in and then get back to it. Sold out of quite a few lovelies but they will come again.

Tomorrow I shall stop to prepare my stuff for my trip to Northampton - really looking forward to it and hope everything fits into my suitcase. I have been lucky that someone picked up a big box for me.

And we have some wonderful rain today which puts paid to our bbq so we are cooking inside the oven.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Final bit of Broome

We are home again, as busy as. The one-off supa sale was extremely popular and it will take us week to get through the orders. We don't seem to ave made much of a dent yet, but all normal orders we are processing each day as normal. This was our lovely outdoor shower.

I love the tiles - in the style f a frangipani

Full of plants

And more plants - why would you want to shower indoors?
After we checked out, we stayed and swam and read until it was time to go. We didn't miss the plane back and Harley was very happy to see us. Loos like she has been trying to get into her biscuit box - she seems to have got fatter


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