Monday, April 02, 2012

an artful journey, a wee book cover and some really yummy stuff

This is the book cover I have made from the stitching I showed last blog. I stitched rows of plain stitch and then a leaf pattern on each row and over the top I used a large leaf pattern which one of my machines has. the inside cover is a flimsies and velvet combo. just about to make the pages using khadi paper and the gelli plate - there is a parcel of new stamps on the kitchen bench not yet opened because I opened the big bag first

 and inside was our new very own hand dyed sari ribbon. Our man in India sent me heaps and heaps (and more) of the palest sari ribbon for Jacinta to over dye. This is the first colour - and believe it or not it is Kimberley Dreaming. SO so yummy and I am poring through deciding which one will be mine. It arrived just after I sent out the newsletter but you can bet I will hassle Ian to pop it on the web as soon as.

Another photo of what I tipped out onto the bench. I say Kimberley Dreaming because for anyone interested, I have started a new facebook page - An Artful Journey - the link is on the right - I am plotting my arty story in themes - April is Kimberley Dreaming month and while some have been seen before, it keeps them together and helps me sort out where I am going. Once I choose my hank, I shall iron it and then decide what next. Some have quite textured sari fabric and some even have the odd jewel hidden in (or rather sewn in)

Rugby - well the Hurricanes lost but they are still doing okay having so many young players - the chiefs won - well played - and even better for the loyal fans who attend every game - the Force beat the Reds very convincingly. At last. Looking forward to the Chiefs vs the Force this Friday. Many things to be done before then though.


Heather said...

Love your little book cover, and those heaps of gorgeousness just make my mouth water!

DIAN said...

Beautiful colours in the sari silk and the book cover is fantastic.

WandarArt.Stitch said...

Hi Dale,
Beauty of your work and everything you create.
Dale, I wish you healthy, happy, happy Easter, for you and for your family,
many hugs .......

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Love the new book page; also love the new Sari colours, oh! just so many things i could get caught up in, were to find the time. Took a look at An Artful Journey, some really gorgeous work there, look forward to more.


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