Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday and the rain cometh

Lovely Artful Journey starting out workshop today. They did some great stuff with paper napkins and gave me some new ideas which I plan to explore tis week. I let them select their own napkins from my supplies - sometimes choice makes it harder. Liz had fun with this one

With foil background

Margaret had fun - we all enjoyed the foils

The colours are all a bit orange - I think the light and the impending rain may not have helped

Emily had heaps of fun with poppies

All great stuff

Managed to watch the rugby - sadly the Chiefs were just too good for the Hurricanes. Then it rained - wow - loads of. We decided to stay indoors and watch the Force vs Stormers instead of sitting in the stands in the heavy rain. It's wonderful though.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Those workshop results look great - what gorgeous designs - clever ladies.
Enjoy your rain. We are getting a bit fed up with ours although apparently we still need more. By all accounts we have a lot more to come from tomorrow onward.
No sitting or working in the garden for a while then.


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