Thursday, March 19, 2015

transferring images

 I like transferring images of mine and Ian's photos onto my work and I also rarely look for perfect copy becasue, of course, nature isn't perfect. If I want really good clear images then I use TAP - Transfer Artist Paper - which gives the very best results - and believe me - over time I have tried lots of different ones. However I also have a few other favourite methods of transferring my images - i personally prefer not to use gels and other mediums but sometimes you just want to try something else.

Water soluble paper - which I have used to print on many times and to stitch on and wash out parts etc etc - then I came across a video made by Liz Kettle water soluble transfer using the paper to transfer images using a gel medium and I thought I would try it - I have seen it used to transfer images to soap whihc has fascinated me but as I don't make soap I haven't tried it. But I did try a few a while back and I wasn't happy at all with my efforts - maybe I was expecting too much. However the other day I decided to give it one last shot. The above is one of my pohutakawa photos and it mostly worked except right in the middle where the paper lifted but I can work around all of that.

Then I did a couple of others - Broome and Okarito where as you can see there are quite a few holes. Maybe more than I expected. But you could work around them.

Next I tried a few more and I am pretty happy with most of these - above is me in Marrakesh  and it is possibly the most successful.

 This is a drawing in Marrakesh

and a photo from Marrakesh

 and two of the donkey - first one I forgot to reverse the image and of course it worked best of all and then I reversed it and not so happy. But it does make the background look rather fragmented and worn which I like.

However I am pleased with my efforts - the old permission to play - and my little stash of images will be used in different places with added anything that takes my fancy. I transferred all of these onto polycotton. I found that once they were dry I could run them under the tap and wet them and have a go at removing the top fibrous bits. they do all feel a little too firm on my stash but I think plenty of manipulating might do the trick.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Swirly Whirls playing and finally some rain....

 We had a new shipment of Joggles stencils - all top ups apart from this new one - Swirly Whirls - I rather like this one so thought I would have a play.

 First I cut them into two separate stencils

 Next I took some Tissutex and my Inktense Blocks and did a rubbing

 which I sprayed with water and made it into a fibrous paper using cocoon strippings - this is something I show in my workshops - a wondrous way to create a paper cloth

Once all dry I free machined it all

Next I tried the second stencil and did another rubbin, wet it and made another piece of paper cloth

 which I stitched onto a page in my skecthbook -  a Khadi book

This is the stitching on the back - waiting to be coloured etc.

I sprayed through the stencil onto the facing page.

Very pleased with stencil - love doing rubbings on Tissutex - love making silk paper with cocoon strippings and the tissue and enjoy stitching and spraying as well.

To make the time even better - it has finally rained even though it is very muggy and the Hurricanes had a fabulous win yesterday.

What more could a girl want? ........ a studio tidy fairy to suddenly appear.........

Sunday, March 08, 2015

forever behind

2015 is so far proving to be a busy year and we have somehow got ourselves behind and only catching up slowly. Our little sojourn in Sydney was wonderful (apart from the humidity) - on the Sunday Grant had us walk down to the yacht club - well it was downhill and was actually a very nice walk apart from the fact that I struggled to see much with the sweat running down my specs. But - the main thing is I did survive and enjoyed the time away and we enjoyed the sailing etc and checking out Grant and Hannah's new house.

Since then - not sure - seem to be packaging and cutting and rolling and filling orders etc and in between getting a few little bits and pieces done. With the Hurricanes winning their 3rd game out of 3 - that is a  wonderful start - we went to the game here and the Force were a bit woeful - I enjoyed the game very much have to say. And I suddenly got a tiny bit interested in the cricket last weekend too (I think it was last weekend).

On Tuesday we went to Chilli Orange which is Kim and Anthony's restaurant - we used to go to Koinonia and Wot the Pho pretty often but this is only our second visit. it was lovely to see them and the food was wonderful as always. This was our scallop entree - very nice indeed.

 I have started a little series of work from our wonderful time in Marrakesh - there will be loads when I have finished and I plan to pop them in a little book as usual - I am playing at present with silk fibres and photos we took and stitch - not particularly clear but a record.

This is another and in a way it is a development of an idea that I have with technique - so far it is working very well.

 This one is waiting to grow

And my Graphitints because I have been using them on the surfaces - one of my favourites and about the only pencils I actually use.

Sadly we have had to cancel our Broome Retreat - sent out the newsletter to day but there will always be great things happening. I am teaching at the Berry Quilt Retreat in August and am amazed to hear how the bookings are going. I am in the process of persuading Ian to come and trade. I have been working on new workshops or rather changing some and adding others. It isn't so much about howmany classes i might get but more about what I am developing.


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