Monday, May 31, 2010

Textile Tantrum Winners

Finally got to announce the winners - go visit our website for them but this one from Jenni was the overall winner - chosen by our judges - Jacinta and Rae - I think being mothers they could both appreciate any similar situation. But they had a difficult time making their choices - nothwithstanding that they needed miners lights to be able to see. If you are coming to Brisbane do come and check them all out. The whole display will be on the web when we get back from Brisbane - everything has to go on the palettes soon.

I used to be able to attach a video here - Terry sent a very brief one of Grant and Slam taken yesterday but I can't see where to load it - blogger has made a few changes and sometimes it is hard to find things.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A win to Slam in the first race - stop press!

Overnight around the time we were thinking of sleeping , Grant had a win and a second place. Well done!

Sunday Stuff

We have been having a relaxing day today - Ian has been most anxious that I write the newsletter so he can learn more about his new programme so at least I can safely say the newsletter won't be late this month. I have been making more flowers and still trying to work out how to fold these paper flowers - the instructions the picture and my brain don't want to co-ordinate but I won't be beaten. Above is my stoney flower made from water soluble paper - lots of nice texture when it dried. Sprayed with you know what.

Below is some more rusty powder worked through a stencil - very effective and easy to do. Rusty powder will be here on Tuesday week I am told.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flower Power

The other night I went to a workshop with Linda Baldock - she does wonderful things with chipboard and Moonglow products which I wanted to see - today I made some flowers my way - more textiley. Actually I have made about 6 all quite different - right now I have water soluble paper drying to see how that will go. I will have them at Textile Art Festival in Brisbane if anyone is going. Jacinta and I will be sharing a working artist studio spot - not at the same time that would be chaotic but we will have half days or some hours or something but the bottom line is we have to share and take turns like good girls. And be tidy - ha ha. Are you reading this Jacinta? Unlike your lovely cat I don't want to be splashed with pink dye - it might clash with my hair.

I am also upcycling (Ian rolls his eyes) - this is a new word in my vocab which I keep reading about. I am using old book pages to make flowers - just need to work out the folds and I will be mostly there - I think I need Kazuko to show me how. Then I shall spray them with Starburst Sprays and wow of course.

I have also been further rusting on different surfaces - the major problem is having to wait until the powder dries. I am getting some interesting results - trying out different surfaces.

Last night we went to Koinonia - it's been one of our favourite restaurants but sad to say tonight is their last night - I had lovely flounder for the last time with a grapefuit and cucumber sauce (with chilli). Anthony is such a superb cook and Kim is so lovely - they are off for a short break and then looking at a different sort of venture - it's long hard work running a restaurant and trying to make money - we shall miss them very much but threatening to catch up - like a bbq here or there. That's two passionate chefs we have lost from their restaurants - fortunately Luigi loves to cook for us at his place (and ours if he gets a chance).

Ian has a new programme for his computer so I do believe he is writing the newsletter to hurry me along while he learns how to use it. He has also loaded all the Startburst Spray and Moonshadow packs on the website - just got to do the Glitz Spritz and Magica Mica sets - there are wonderful - they match the Starburst Spray colours and they come with a binder - I just use a water brush with them and work in the lids - the colours are so rich and two toned. In case no-one had noticed I love the Moonglow stuff.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Off to sail some more

Slam is off to sail in the European Champs on Lake Garda - wouldn't we love to be in Malcesne not just to watch but to explore this beautiful part of the world. Maybe next time. Other plans afoot here instead. Good luck to Grant, Jack and Pete.
lots o' great piccies of SLAM here

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I found this little play today in my stash when I was hunting out other things. People who have done my Ratty Tatty Papers online workshop will probably recognise the pears - I have a stack of pear napkins and have done a variety of things with them. These ones have been stitched and crackled and a bit more. I guess you have to always keep experimenting.

All the Quilting Arts went out today for all of those people who have asked. Lots to send - takes me most of the day but Ian has departed to the post office with them and the rest of the mail for today. Glass of wine soon but Gilding the Lily Lesson 2 to post up first for all those people who are wondering where it is. Foil stuff is difficult to photograph or scan.

Rust powder has been ordered and will be here in about 10 days for everyone who has asked and is waiting patiently. It's fabulous....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


QA issue 45 snuck in today - it wasn't supposed to be here until next week by my reckoning. I wasn't ready for it. I do believe that it is a really good issue this time. I suppose when there is something which appeals to one, then that is one's response but in my lunch time flick through I mentally marked things to go back and read tonight or tomorrow night. I think too that when the issue is full of colour it has plenty of appeal.

Went to the dentsist today for a clean, xray (haven't had any for 2 years they took pleasure in telling me) and a very quick perusal of the mouth by the dentist desperate to fund his next holiday by finding something. Alas all was well although he did go on about crowns and bridges but I am no sucker these days. If it ain't broken then let's wait see. A lot of money to part for nothing much and enduring a very bossy hygenist - no wonder I won't go more than once a year although they work hard to try to make me go every 6 months.

Followed the soccer on the computer last night - sounded like a nasty game - supposed to be a friendly but even the Aust coasch was unhappy with his men. Remember the underarm bowling incident? These things are never forgotten you know.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

rusty stuff

I have been playing with rusting powder at last - here is my faithful leaf stamped on khadi paper which has been painted with black gesso and then sprayed with Starburst Sprays - Cathedral Green - I love the effect - a bit like a leaf left lying around in the rain maybe.

No luck for the Aussie and Kiwi rugby teams on the weekend so have to wait now until the internationals.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

lovely lovely rain

Woke up this morning to lots of lovely rain - realised I had left the two chair covers out but nothing you can do at that point as they were already very wet. Now drying. Ian had a little trip to the roof to clean the gutters. When you have all of these trees like we do it's always inevitable.

Have had quite a lovely little play today of a few different things - some for the next Gilding the Lily lesson, some for my next article in Embellish and some for fun and the sheer sake of playing. I enjoyed yesterday's sunburst piece so much I stitched into it and made another with bright colours. I have used Starburst Sprays and Glitz Spritz - Medieval Gold is a lovely colour to pop over the top. To stitch over Xpandaprint I find it bets to cover the surface with a chiffon scarf and then attack it with the heat gun which leaves extra crunchy bits so an added bonus. The Sunday at the top of the pic is my list of things to tackle tomorrow. You can see that Saturday has been crossed out but I have completed some things and added some more.

Ian has been busy working on the website and giving all the magazines their own home. Go see....

Tonight we are having a slow roasted Morrocan leg of lamb - quite late since I forgot to put it in until late - and then we are off to watch the Crusaders in their semi-final in South Africa - good luck to them to win. Not going to stay up to watch the Warratahs though. 1am is too late.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Today I have been playing with a few things - first I have used puff paint (Xpandaprint of course) over a Khadi page previously sprayed with Black Orchid Starburst Spray (of course) and then I have scraped puff through one of the stencils  - and painted it with the matching Magical Mica - these sets aren't on the web yet but we sold quite a number at AQC  - they are all in the same sets as the Starburst Sprays - a two toned mica which has the strong stain , mica and a binder. When they are heated you can see the wonderful duo sparkle effect. I also tried them in conjunction with the Distress Inks but I need to do more work here - I am not so pleased with my sample pages at this stage.

Next I decided to revisit embossing velvet - Jacinta's baby. It was her who worked out that if you paint your stamps first you can double dip - emboss and colour together. Works exceptionally well with polymer stamps like our illuminations ones. I also tried embossing with the Fat Sparrow - you can see the effect if you just emboss and then when you add paint. The rubber doesn't quite give the same result as the paint doesn't transfer as well. What it means is that Jacinta and I are working on producing a few new stamps so watch this space.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kimberly Dreaming

Finally a new batch of Kimberly Dreaming fibres on its way from Jacinta. She ran out of Tussah silk so has dyed Mulberry instead. We only have eight of these, more flimsies, slushies and our fine merino for felting and embellishing with. Oh, and silk rods and throwster's waste.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new threads and some stitching

I selected 5 of the new Spagetti threads - they look rather Persian - lovely to stitch with. I stitched rows and rows on Kunin felt with foils bonded to the surface (for my Gilding the Lily workshop people). The Spagetti thread is not on the web yet but it is a 12wt 3ply beautiful cotton - there are 20 colours in the range and it stitches like a dream. I use a Top Stitch size 100 needle. I also had a quick sew on the embroidery unit of my Husq SE and it slipped through like a dream. And Erica - I shall try some hand stitching next but not until I have finished de constructing the stitchy piece.

Come tomorrow and see what I have done with the fabric next, It is requiring some concentration.

Next I have a question to those who use the Walnut Hollow Tools currently not available in Australia. There is a Creative Textile Tool and a Versa Tool. If you have one I would love to know what you think of it or either or both, remembering that I am mostly working with fabric.

Off to dinner with Luigi and Martine. Haven't seen them for ages.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today I  collected a lovely new range of heavy 3ply cotton threads wonderful for quilting hand and machine and thanks to Erica for writing about them. I have had a machine stitch and am very pleased. Ian should have them on the web tomorrow. The colours are to die for - very Indian rich ones which caught both Jacinta and my attention and I think she is going to tackle fibres to match some of the colours.

I have been playing just a little - with Versmark, stamp and Moonshadow Mists to create a super watermark in my sketchbook, and I have also been embossing on Supa Foil as part of my preparation for Gilding the Lily lesson 2. More needed of course.The one above is on silver supa foil and the one below on black but it is hard to tell the difference here. I shall colour them some more but you can see how effective the embossing is and then it will be so easy to stitch on it. In case you are wondering the full word is Okarito - surprise surprise.

And then I couldn't resist some dry felting - not quite sure how I will work this further yet
.My poor Holey Moleys are feeling rejected but I have loaded Off the Edge no 2 and never fear, I will be working on through June as well - just a slight holdup in the middle. So please all stay on the edge...We sat outside for a while last night and Ian turned on the outside switch and you wouldn't believe it - it tripped two switches and the power went off. When he turned it all back on the music machine started up - rather quirky.....

Don't forget that if you are in town for the other craft show - the one we don't do - or even if you are in town - we will be open right through including Sat and Sun - 10% off all purchases over $50. You are more than welcome. Don't forget to tell us when you come.

Monday, May 17, 2010

a little local history

The Queen's Tavern

Known by the locals as "The Queens" the Queen's Tavern was built in 1898 and was originally known as The Queen's Hotel . The two storey hotel was originally built in Federation Free Classical Style and featured a gabled roof with a wide colonade verandah. Over the years the hotel has seen many changes and refurbishments. The most drastic was in the early 1990's when the hotel was redesigned by architect Michael Patroni and became part of the Matilda Bay boutique phenomenon. The trendy transition turned the traditional looking pub into the social heart of Highgate and Mt Lawley.Patroni took out several architectural awards for his innovative design.Built just prior to the tramline, the hotel was originally owned J.A.Gent. Following its opening in 1898 the hotel made news when two police constables from the nearby Highgate Hill Police Station were shot at by two would- be burgulars. As the burgulars fled the policemen, they tried to break into the hotel but became cornered. Today it still remains one of the areas most popular watering holes and it attracts people from near and far. The open laid back feel of the hotel makes it a perfect location to socialise in all year round and the front garden is the perfect place to spent a lazy day in.

We haven't been for ages but used to frequent The Queens quite often on the weekends.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

a little manipulation

I have been playign with paper and cutting out and manipulating. thought I should translate it to fabric so here is a little piece stitched, cut and resewn. I have been manipulating it in a few ways but this one looks like chocolates I think. Here is another - lots of play to come. A little off the edge. I have a pile of different patterns to play with. lots of fiddly cutting.

I realised when I got there (miles away) that it was a Quilters' Group I went to yesterday not an embroiderers group. Never mind. I had forgotten how far the northern suburbs are from here. You get spoilt living pretty well in the city. Got back in time to wacth the rugby games - the Reds vs Highlanders was a fabulous match and both sides deserved to finish on equal points. It would have to be the best game this season.

Lovely day in Perth - Ian has finished putting his garden shed together - he said so much of it was out of line up - holes nowhere near meeting.

Friday, May 14, 2010

When it rains it really does pour

You remember the drama we had with our electricity when we had the huge storm? Well we only thought it had been fixed (large sum of money later). When it rained like crazy yesterday morning early and I sent Ian out to bring in the boxes from the front verandah he thought the rain was hissing. It was but in conjunction with the power box. That's why my studio had no power. Three sparkies later we have a new power box, new set up, a whole day without power and empty pockets (well we will when the bill arrives) but it is really good that it has been sorted. Would have hated the house to burn down while we were away. We have these safety switches and the board looks like we have finally  moved into the 21st century. We also, as a bonus, have a new light switch in the toilet which means we can actually see....

What this has meant is that all today's orders will go on Monday because we couldn't get near the computers until mid afternoon. We could shower (gas) and have coffee (gas) but that was all. I did lots of jobs which didn't need electricity like tidying the bedroom and cutting up stuff and sorting my files. It has meant that the next Holey Moley file won't emerge until Sunday because tomorrow I am off to sell at an embroiderers' guild open day up in Wanneroo. (I agreed ages ago and it has caught up with me). But Holey Moleys I will be emailing you all as I have a few other excitements for you as well.

The last two exciting rugby games happened this afternoon. The Crusaders beat the Brumbies and the Waratahs beat the Hurricanes (boo hoo) but at least there will be 1 NZ team and 1 Aust team in the semi finals next weekend. Here is Zac Guildford - he had a brilliant game.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the best laid plans of men and mice and dales

Yesterday was a drama not to be furthered mentioned. This morning about 4am we had a big storm - a front went through but fortunately I got the chair covers in before it started. Lots of lightening and thunder and rain and I had to send Ian outside the front door to bring in 2 boxes back from Melbourne I hadn't finished unpacking. I set up my Etsy store - it has only taken me about 2 years to get this far and half the photos were funny but Jacinta came to the rescue a bit. Then I went to the studio to get to work and all the power was off - the thought of phoning an electrician brings tears to our back pockets after the last time but we had to and someone is coming in the morning.

I changed something on my blog and while it seems I have control over the pics I actually don't. These are from the piece I think Jacinta used for the header. Grovelling a little in the dark in the studio - oh dear  - just when I had an urge to tidy up - well I have done a tiny bit.

If you visit our website you will see we are having a big stamp sale - I am tidying up our office and I want to make space and anyway I have seen some new stamps I might get in so there are some great bargains with 25% off lots of our stamps.

And Studios magazine - it only arrived two days or so ago and has completely sold out. I guess what this means is that if you want a copy you should pre-order it. We have had quite a few people sad to miss out this time pop their names on the list for the next one.The trouble with the magazines is that once they have gone we don't get any more of that issue.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

finally a little work

Finally today I got started on a little work - hoping to get stitching tonight - I have so many things I want to get working on but at least we have finally got up to date with the orders although I do still have a lot of stocktaking and ordering to do. I must say that shows cause disruption but eventually we recover in time for the next one. I shall start gathering and packing for Brisbane soon as well. The latest Studios rocked up today and some have gone tonight but the remainder will be posted tomorrow.

I am not sure where Jacinta found that piece for my header but she assures me it is mine from 2008 - amazing.
Ev - I know what you are saying - it looks too busy when you first look doesn't it?

Hands-on workshops - well I haven't done one for ages and ages but I could be persuaded if there was enough interest- just need to sort a time when I have a time. Not a promise though.....

What I can tell you is that for the Quilt Craft and Stitch Show here in August - the guest artist on our stand this year is - ME. I will be working away on the stand creating chaos with machine, stitch and stuff. I will have work on display and of course be happy to talk about what I am doing. Other guests of greater importance include Ken Smith who will be running workshops after the show and Jenny Bowker. Both of these will certainly be worth a visit to see. Mareene was telling me today all sorts of excitements for the show.

The scotch fillet last night really was so I can only imagine what we got the other night - maybe gravy beef but whatever it was it wasn't prepared for barbequing. Probably would have been lovely cooked the right way if we had known. Tonight I am cooking a Keith Floyd curry - one we are very fond of.

Monday, May 10, 2010

since Friday

A lot of things have happened since Friday night. For one thing there has been a weekend not that you would know here. We have simply carried on. More exciting rugby games on Saturday night and during the night have meant that next weekend will see us on tenderhooks - Ian and I for the Hurricanes and Crusaders and Jonathan for the Brumbies and Warratahs - yes hard to imagine that we can all sit in the same room. Jonathan is threatening to have me deported.

Sunday which was Mother's Day in this neck of the woods was a good day to avoid being out in public or buying flowers or eating out. We snuck to Lincolns very early for breakfast and then spent the day unpacking all the boxes etc from Melbourne and attempting to put everything away in its right place. I think Mother's Day is so commercialised and anyway the spontaneity of any and every day being Mother's and Father's Day means an awful lot more. We ended the day having a bbq in our back garden and decided that our steaks weren't as good as they usually are. We go to the same butcher all the time so today I mentioned that I was unhappy and so now we are having a bbq again tonight with some more scotch fillets. I tried a couple of new salads - one with roasted beetroot which was very nice - on rocket with yoghurt and walnuts.

Bruce and Kazuko have been bike riding again - far too much energy for me. My myo-man has got me doing hamstring stretching exercises - I don't think he realises that I have never done anything like this before in my life. Swimming is far more gentile but at least I now know where my hammy is!

I have left Jacinta lose on my blog and she has made 3 columns for me. If I can find a background I like or work out how to add my own, I will try that next - or rather get J to try it for me.

On-line workshops - Embellish, Stitch, Enrich began today. I am retiring this workshop after this session so if you had any plans to take it, this is your last chance. I think it has been pretty successful with plenty of people participating and seeming to enjoy themselves. To think I only started these sorts of on-line classes because people overseas (from Perth I mean) complained that they couldn't fly to Perth for a hands-on one. So next embellish centred workshop will be Hot Needles, Cool Stitches which is taking me a while to get organised because of all the other things on my plate.

Gilding the Lily starts on Wednesday and lesson 1 is almost ready to roll - I just need to finish a few samples and implore Ian to do his hard work. Plus Holey Moleys - I am trying to finish some edges for the next pdf.

Talking of workshops, Lisa who was next to us at AQC (wasn't she lucky?) and who has the most glorious hand dyed and hand painted fabrics - I ignore the quilts but love what she does, was telling me all about the workshop she is running in Italy - would I love to go? We stayed in Orvieto in 1992 and loved it - seems a long time ago. it looks like it will be a great workshop and all the rest as well.

Friday, May 07, 2010

great rugby game

Well done the Hurricanes - we were rather concerned at half time but all was well with a wonderful win - 3rd on the ladder for the moment. Next week will tell the full story for all the teams. 5 tries - worth the bubbly we drank.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happy May

I forgot my May for the start of the month - you get quite out of sinc when you are away.
So like the newsletter it is a few days late.

Thanks to the people who have started taking the Dale's Folly thread off my hands. I could have sold it as a different thread, Marj, except that it clearly has Stonehaven on it but it is a lovely colour - maybe I could suggest to Ian that he write little labels for each thread and pop it on - ha ha. Something like Atumnal leaves hanging around stones - he would have to write tiny. Fortunately production has begun on the real Stonehaven, along with Cradle Mountain which we are also completely out of.

I should have some play stuff to show tomorrow - off to start a little playing with Pumice Stone which is a new Distress Ink colour made for me..... well if only

Grant is flying off to London tonight so we won't see him for a while. Pity we can't go see him sail at Lake Garda beginning of June - thought about it.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dale's Big Stuff Up

So excited to open the new Victory rayons - Ironbark, Rusty Warrandyte, Middle Earth and Stonehaven (the latter I have been hanging out for) and then off to stitch them out today only to find I have stuffed up Stonehaven..... instead of sending colour 1989 as part of the 5 colours to create the thread I had written 198o which is not the creamy type of colour you might see in stones but rather the rich autumnal leaves which hang around stones at a certain time of the year. It is a lovely colour all up but not what I wanted and there is no-one to blame but myself. I have sent the numbers again along with other numbers for quite a few re-runs of colours which are low in number but it will be a few weeks before they are ready. I could kick myself......

Above is the offending thread - labelled Stonehaven but it will be mark 1 not for real. Maybe stones with autumn leaves lingering around the fringes. In any other situation I would be delighted with it but not right at this moment...

What this means is that I have lots of thread to sell at an excellent price - like below cost. Normally our variegated threads are $4.90 each but this particular one I am selling for $2 in order to clear them out. So if you are doing an order at all - please do me a mega favour and buy one - it will make my pain so much less. I still can't believe I did it.

This is Ironbark

This is Middle Earth

This is Rusty Warrandyte (the rusty for me, the Warrandyte for Jacinta)

For those hanging in, I have my laptop on my chair in the lounge tonight to finish the newsletter so it will be ready tomorrow. There will be some great newsletter reader specials as always. But before that I am off to cook a chicken curry.

Monday, May 03, 2010

home again home again jiggedy jig

it's good to be back in your own bed and just as well we made it properly before we left....

We had a great time at AQC catching up with lots of friends and customers. And for the first time we seemed to manage setting up super fast (for us) and everything seemed to fit on the stand. Managed to forget to take a few things but you really can't remember everything. I decided to introduce Le Scrunch but it sold out very fast - it will be on the web before too long, along with all the other new things which have appeared about the time we left and now we are back.

Cloth Paper Scissors appeared out of nowhere this morning (the delivery guy had phoned us on Friday and suggested thowing the boxes over the fence.....)

The new Victory machine threads and cotton floss arrived today as well - I am trying to get up to the studio to have a stitchout of them - Rusty Warrandyte, Ironbark, Middle Earth and Stonehaven.

I have a lot of ordering to do in the next day or two - new things as well as old things which we are out of. The flower stitcher book and the flower stitcher flew away as well and I have very few feet left until I get some more.

Congrats to the people who won the WAZZIE bags - I really feel you Victorians are not so good at your rugby - my team really is the HURRICANES - and they won on Friday night before we went out to dinner. It was an interesting set of results this weekend. I shall have to dream up a good question for the TAF WAZZIE bags in Brisbane. I hope the info for that starts appearing soon. But what I can tell you is that Jacinta and I will be sharing an area set as our working textile artist studio so you can come and watch us play - I mean work -

Textile Tantrums - a great sucess and I know lots of you enjoyed it all. It was a shame about the lighting or lack of lighting. Do let the organisers know you couldn't see very well. You need to bring miners lights with you next year. Speaking of next year - AQC will be 14 - 17 April in 2011. Once our stuff comes back from Melbourne, Ian will start getting the exhibition on the web - Jacinta and Rae were the judges - tomorrow when I find my piece of paper I will tell you the prize winners. Although you are all winners.

Foodie fans - Melbourne is the foodie spot and we had wonderful indulgence every night until the trip back when Qantas put out its pasta and chicken and I declined. We went to Balzarri (fabulous contemporary Italian - in Lygon St), Movida in town - ooh - worth booking 6 months ago, Mamma Vittoria in Smith Street (I bought her cookbook a long long time ago and have over the years cooked almost all the recipes and still make the pasta and bolognese sauce so thought we would give it a go and it was very nice indeed -Ian's cousins gave it the thumbs up for our cuzzie night out) and then Lau's Family Kitchen which was wonderful as always and I indulged in the whitebait fritter - ooh - to die for. I noticed on Bruce's blog that he has been cooking lasagne. I will take all credit for his cooking prowess......

Newsletter will be coming tomorrow - I have started it inbetween orders and unpacking. Plus the Product of the Month months lots are all ready to go tomorrow along with the latest CPS. I do believe that this is a good issue - and there are no halloween or snowmen on the front cover.
Because there is nothing in the fridge or pantry as yet, we are going to further our indulgences by going out to Cantina tonight.


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