Friday, November 29, 2013

Sydney here we are

Our plane was delayed by about an hour while we sat in it because they couldn't get the luggage hold door locked and then when we got to Sydney we had to wait a similar amount of time because they couldn't get it open.

It rained overnight not that we care - this is the view looking over Grant's balcony

Woolloomooloo Wharf or Finger Wharf is a wharf in Woolloomooloo Bay. The structure is the longest timber-piled wharf in the world and was completed in 1915. During its working life of about 70 years it mainly handled the export of wool, but also acted as a troop deployment for the world wars as well as a disembarking point for new migrants arriving in Australia.

It's really interesting how things develop and change. I read that there was going to be a marina and resort but public outcry changed all of that.

Walking back from breakfast It is a really quiet place

Loads of boats costing loads of money. Then we went off to Double Bay so Ian could buy himself shorts like he always does but he was horrified to discover it had become a frock shop. He was busy jumping up and down on the spot. So we went off to the Art Gallery in the Domain. There was a good exhibition of American Art.

Lovely old magnolia tree on the way back.

Walking across the bridge from the Art Gallery back to Woolloomooloo wharf

The view from the gate

Grant and Hannah's patio - BBQ last night.

Location:Cowper Wharf Roadway,Port Jackson,Australia

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's that time of the year again

 No - don't panic - it isn't Christmas - yet. It's our wedding anniversary - AGAIN - and we are off to Sydney tomorrow for a wee break and indulgence. Hoping Grant has everything organized. 

 And yes - it is that photo again. 45 years ago on Sat and we are still as young as we were then. In case you were wondering. Pretty sure it is one of  about 4 times Ian has worn a suit.

 In the meantime back on the ranch here we have remained busy. Finally got the first of our beautiful glass fusion buttons up on air. These are part of the Creature family. Next will be some gorgeous cats from the Tabby Cat family - we only have one of each set and each button is unique. This was a special find at Ally Pally - it has just taken me that long to get organised with them.

Just to prove I am stitching - I am making jewellery or insert or lacey pieces with Romeo - I have a couple of articles with deadlines - well one deadline was quite some time back but the editor is a patient lady - if I work away from time to time they will both be finished.

Saturday night, of course, was very exciting. The All Blacks played Ireland for their last game of the season - hoping to win to have a perfect year. It wasn't on Fox Sports so we wandered down to Rosie O'Gradys where we were surrounded by many Irish folk. It was a fantastic game - definitely the best one this year but o - almost heart attack material. The ABs only won in extra time. They look happy - relieved? The Irish played with passion but the ABs got there in the end. Must have been that excitement or stress which caused me to trip over and roll my ankle on the steps when leaving. Luckily two very nice Irish lads hauled me up. I am sure I will recover...... especially as I am going on a holiday.

2014 is going to be an exciting year for me and a furthering of my artful journey I think. I have been invited to Lake Grace to teach (you might have to google this) but it is a few hours away on the road to Esperance. There are some very talented ladies (and probably men) down there. Then I have been invited to be a guest at a two day craft show in Queensland which I know I will enjoy very much. And this week I was invited to be a guest speaker at a show in NZ in May - I felt honoured to be asked. I think I shall be doing a workshop as well. Finally I hope to be teaching in Italy if a few more people were able to go. It will be a wonderful week - Ian and I are planning to go to Rome on the train after Ally Pally any which way and pick up a car so if the class doesn't eventuate we will explore southern Italy. All so exciting and a chance to develop more of the ideas in my head and in my notebooks and scribbled and sketched everywhere. I  am planning to spend time in January making a few changes.

You will all be pleased to hear that my studio is still organised - of course it will never be tidy becasue you always find things but the floor is much clearer and the toys are all up high. I am busy playing with words on my big shot. Got to take my stitching with me to Sydney though becasue I have an article to finish stitching for....

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tonking Along

 I have been cleaning out my studio -I know if anyone else walked in they wouldn't notice much but I have filled bags and bags with fabrics and samples of my work. I have yet to decide just what to do with them. I am thinking of making $5 lucky dip bags. I have loads of samples which you do when you teach and demo etc and I really have to move them on. Then I went through baskets of fabrics which I know I won't use and anyway it is good to clear the decks. What it means is that lots of stuff which was sitting in containers on the floor, now have new homes in the trolleys. Goodness we accumulate stuff. Above is my big table - yes I know it has lots of stuff on it but I am working on articles and the like so it is all in the state of action. but i have created a space for my thermofax machine currently sitting in the kitchen. I have burnt quite a few screens now - mostly very small ones for family stuff and I have found that my fingers and paint are doing a good job for me. Just need to take the machine up to its new home.

 One area which needed lots of tidying up was my fibre department - well - wool - silk - scrim - chiffon - yarns etc and I have given my wild carder a new spot where it can easily be seen and lifted out for use.

 All fibres safely in their own basket and I fed a lot of ends and bits through the carder to create a batt.

Ran it under the embellisher machine so it is all ready for stitching and more.

Then I located my Big Shot and put it to use. I haven't used it for a while mainly because I had a huge pile of stuff sitting on the floor - now it has a new home and I cut out a few shapes on Evolon and felt for work later. There are probably loads of new dies out there but I get bored with other people's designs - I have an alphabet here and that is what I am planning to play with now it is set up again properly. 

And one of the little pieces I am working on. I also found my big bag of Chinese coins I found when we were in China.

I have also added a page at the top Things To Sell of the like where I will add things which I know I will never ever use - do check it out. To start it off I have a bias tape maker for $50 - I saw it demoed at a show and got all excited but I know I will not use it.

Just looking in the studio makes me feel better about all the work I have to do. Big project on Romeo just about to get started.

Tonight to see the All Blacks vs Ireland game we have to visit the Irish Club.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Licorice Allsorts

Allsorts because it has been a very busy week with lots happening. I spotted these down in Northbridge the other night when we were out walking.

 Very hot weather but we have been having our beloved bbqs - did you realise that if we had daylight saving in this state we might save a bit of power - we spend an hour from 5am trying to avoid the light and then we have to put the lights on at night when we sit outside - just how eco-unfriendly is that I ask?
Anyway I love red peppers and the bbq does them well

 I am onto a new salad - always trying new salads - this one has rocket and beetroot and goats cheese and walnuts - yum.

 I am working away on stitchy samples for the e-mag - it is staring to fall into place

 On Wed night we went to Leonard Cohen at the Arena - was it fabulous - yes? three and half hours of pleasure,


The first horror was that the meat was marinating for a bbq and we were relaxing with a glass of champers when Ian discovered that Foxtel was not broadcasting the  game - not have the rights - so changes afoot - meat back in fridge and off to the Inglewood pub for dinner and game. It was a tough game but they got there and in the last 20 minutes showed why they are the best team in the world. England put on a good show. We had the company of lots of young kiwis who had drunk more than us but they were friendly enough and we were all on the same side.

During the week we went to Bivouac Canteen and Bar - really enjoyed it - there are some great places popping up - eat your heart out the restaurants we no longer wish to visit.

There has been a bit of discussion on the gelli plate fb page about deli paper and everyone panics because they can't buy it in Australia or UK - not sure what it is like etc etc.I have some but I also hear that there are some deli papers better than other deli papers. These are some of my letters - I am sure we all collect them and I have quite a healthy few - they are hard to get these days. The Making Memories ones - I think- seemed to have been discontinued. I will have some lovely ones in January I hope - I have been searching. I thought I would try them on the gelli plate - I am working with the letter V

This is the US deli paper - it has a crease down the middle - like all papers takes paint well - you can print on it etc.

 This is Multix which I bought from my local IGA - all I am trying to say is try what is in your supermarket,

And this is tissutex because I love it and always use it. When it layers it responds the same as the other two - in fact it goes really transparent. And fabulous for stitching with fibrous strength the others don't have.

My new toy - my thermofax - is up and running and I have been playing - not for public eyes yet as I am rather heavy handed and working on no bleeding. Naturally I did have to create tiny screens with fine detail on them but that's the challenge,

We have been busy loading new things to the website but there is more to come including our new glass buttons which are a bit to die for so hang in there and wait. We have added the Christmas Hampers - thanks for the fast response from some - we will be starting posting them from tomorrow until 15th Dec.
in the meantime off to sweep the back garden and get the bbq underway. And happy birthday to Hannah - hope you are being spoilt rotten....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bits and pieces

It's been incredibly hot here for November - what you might call ominous. After our wonderful week in Cornwall eating all that fish we have decided to eat it here at least once a week - shame it is so expensive in Perth. This is the recipe of Sweet and Sour Mussels we enjoyed at Portminster Cafe

another night this week we had BBQ scallops - and getting back into the swing of trying new salads and stuff

I have been playing with screens and inktense blocks this past week in anticipation of my new toy which arrived on Friday - a thermofax machine. Today we read the instructions and turned it on and burnt a first screen. How exciting - I have wanted one for a long time and have plans for things I want to do - sometimes hard to know where to start when you have ideas so I have a list for starters - watch this space

37 today - we went to Fremantle for the afternoon - this is one of the works of art in the water - interesting - I couldn't photograph anymore because my phone ran out of puff

Yesterday I visited the WAFTA exhibition - Mysterium - some great work - these are by Jennie Abbott

And these are Pam Fisher - basket weaving, wrapping and stitched found objects.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Happy Birthday Grant

 Have a great birthday Grant - here you are doing what you like to do best of all on Fisher and Paykel in San Francisco

and somewhere here you are on Woolloomooloo Wharf

Friday, November 01, 2013

Last night out in London

 We had two nights and 1 day only back in London - had a good train trip back but it was pretty stormy on the coast. When we got to London we made a mad dash from train to hotel to a restaurant out somewhere in East London in what we would call the badlands - lovely people - innovative food etc - I forgot my phone for any photos. On our one day off we made our adventure out to get the chiffon scarves - this is our annual event - and then we stayed on the Jubilee line to Canary Wharf where we stopped for a look around and some lunch. Then for our last night we went to a fabulous restaurant called RotiChai -in the West End - with Annette and Terry - we started out with Hungarian wine - very nice it was too

This was our entree - all the food was fabulous - very tasty and quite avant guard.

chick peas in the front - my memory serves me badly

Prawn Curry - this was our only non fish night although the prawns cropped up

Duck I think - anyway it was wonderful and if you are in London I would recommend it - upstairs is the Street Kitchen - more casual (not that this wasn't) and different. If it is still there when we go next year we will be there for sure. how did we find it? Well it was in The West Australian newspaper  which I read before we went away. The manager of the restaurant was quite impressed.

Back home we have as good as caught up on all the orders - I have stocktaken a few goodies with more to go but everything getting under control. Our return stuff arrived back save and sound - we did sell a lot of beautiful goodies - the silk laps were a real treat and we brought only 1 home. I didn't find much new but I did bring back not that many cricula cocoons which are on the web and selling fast already. I have been chasing these for quite some time. Gorgeous little things they are.

This week I have not done a great deal of anything overly creative apart from stitching this and cutting it up

and then knitting it - more activity to come. But if you want to know what I am doing, you will need to subscribe to the e-mag or if you do subscribe - wait for Issue 3!  Right now Ian is getting the newsletter done and then I expect we will be as busy as. But taking time out to watch the All Blacks play in Japan tomorrow for sure. And hopefully on Monday my new toy will arrive - my thermofax machine.


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