Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tonking Along

 I have been cleaning out my studio -I know if anyone else walked in they wouldn't notice much but I have filled bags and bags with fabrics and samples of my work. I have yet to decide just what to do with them. I am thinking of making $5 lucky dip bags. I have loads of samples which you do when you teach and demo etc and I really have to move them on. Then I went through baskets of fabrics which I know I won't use and anyway it is good to clear the decks. What it means is that lots of stuff which was sitting in containers on the floor, now have new homes in the trolleys. Goodness we accumulate stuff. Above is my big table - yes I know it has lots of stuff on it but I am working on articles and the like so it is all in the state of action. but i have created a space for my thermofax machine currently sitting in the kitchen. I have burnt quite a few screens now - mostly very small ones for family stuff and I have found that my fingers and paint are doing a good job for me. Just need to take the machine up to its new home.

 One area which needed lots of tidying up was my fibre department - well - wool - silk - scrim - chiffon - yarns etc and I have given my wild carder a new spot where it can easily be seen and lifted out for use.

 All fibres safely in their own basket and I fed a lot of ends and bits through the carder to create a batt.

Ran it under the embellisher machine so it is all ready for stitching and more.

Then I located my Big Shot and put it to use. I haven't used it for a while mainly because I had a huge pile of stuff sitting on the floor - now it has a new home and I cut out a few shapes on Evolon and felt for work later. There are probably loads of new dies out there but I get bored with other people's designs - I have an alphabet here and that is what I am planning to play with now it is set up again properly. 

And one of the little pieces I am working on. I also found my big bag of Chinese coins I found when we were in China.

I have also added a page at the top Things To Sell of the like where I will add things which I know I will never ever use - do check it out. To start it off I have a bias tape maker for $50 - I saw it demoed at a show and got all excited but I know I will not use it.

Just looking in the studio makes me feel better about all the work I have to do. Big project on Romeo just about to get started.

Tonight to see the All Blacks vs Ireland game we have to visit the Irish Club.


Heather said...

You must be feeling very pleased with yourself after all that sorting out. I always find stuff I didn't know I had which makes me feel very guilty, and it's always good to find the table!

Amanda said...

Looking good there Dale! It's amazing what we buy on the spur and then wonder why some time later.

Enjoy your game in the Irish pub!!! lol

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin Mac said...

Gosh you have been busy. How exciting to have some of your favourite tools back in use again. Cheers

Trace Willans said...

You could always have a giveaway. I am sure there are plenty of people who would love a goodie bag of your samples.

Margaret Ball said...

Something I've noticed when cleaning out my own studio: you can take a cubic yard of stuff out of there and the studio is still FULL. I think that when there's any space available, stuff reproduces and mutates downwards. Two bottles of Lumiere give birth to five bottles of dried-out craft paint. Chandelier crystals spawn plastic "crystals."Bottom line is that the studio will always be FULL.


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