Friday, March 28, 2014

Black Lutradur - gelli plate - Opulence Paints - stencil

 Yes - I know I haven't blogged for some time - not that I have been doing nothing but in fact been very busy. I am working on quite a variety of things - lots for my workshops coming up but nothing resolved as yet. however I thought I would play with black Lutradur. There has been a bit of talk about Lutradur being discontinued - well this may be but we have plenty and our supplier tells me they have more than plenty so if you can't get it at your usual spot, you can get it from us. We have white in 4 weights and black in 70gsm.

Black is interesting - it takes metallic paints. I used my gelli plate and a stencil and red and gold Oppie paint. But I only worked through some parts of the stencil

 On a second piece I used the same paint and same stencil but afterwards I sprayed the surface with Glitz Spritz - one of the iridescent ones - both sides - one above and one below. the sprays add that extra special something.

Next I tried a different stencil but same paints and was thrilled with this result. I am thinking about printing over this and maybe stitching

and another one which for some reason looks to have a blue tinge but believe you me, it is black. Must be my camera

Basically I am thrilled with hoe the black lutradur looks - we are selling it by the metre.

Then, because I was playing with the gelli plate and paints and stencils, I worked on a sheet of deli paper which is now sitting at my printer waiting to be printed on. Very exciting.

Not just that but the Hurricanes have beaten the Crusaders in Christchurch so maybe they are on the up.
Ian is working hard on threads.In-fusion which , trust me, will be out in March. i have promised him a train trip outing to Fremantle for lunch the day after I email it out. It's going to be a great issue - There are some fabulous articles.  I think he just has my last article to go and of course all the contents and links etc. I will feed him well while he works.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Still in Sydney

There is a gallery in Double Bay full of lots of Gillie and Marc sculptures
And some wonderful ones outside

Not such a good photo of Marilyn Monroe being photographed by Bill Cunningham

Yachts going out for the final race. We have had a lovely time - not quite the result Grant was hoping for but it is always great to be on Sydney Harbour watching the racing

Looking out the window at the water from the club

I finished off another page for one if my journals

And some dry felting underway - rolling up in bubble wrap to get it going then things to add including stitch. I try to do as much as poss without wet felting and if it works - excellent

Off back to Perth later on today and back to work tomorrow - plenty of orders to keep us on our toes tomorrow for starters so yes - be busy this week

Friday, March 07, 2014

The Rocks

Today was a lay day for the yachting so part of our lazy day we tool ourselves into town for a relaxing wander around.

We went to The Rocks where on Fridays they have a Foodie Market where we bought some vinegars and had lunch. Lots of people around.

Then I did a bit of stitch.

Saw these red shoes in a shop and couldn't resist a photo.

Back to the sailing tomorrow.

Relaxing in Sydney

We are relaxing in Sydney after being so busy before we left home. An eventful flight with a diversion to Melbourne because Sydney had a spectacular storm and the airport was closed but we got there. Hannah and Pete had a lovely BBQ all whizzed up for us at Woolloomooloo and then we popped off to our hotel and slept like logs apart from the humidity

On our morning waned came across these wonderful dragon fruit - colour just like our new limited edition Cottage Garden. Nature and us thinking alike

Not such a good photo but a garment spotted in a Double Bay shop window

Fisher and Paykel on the water - not such a good result yesterday after a slightly messy start but while we were in the air they came. 7th. But it is great to be here and watching on the water and catching up with people.

Today is a lay day so we are off to relax - I think

Location:South Avenue,Double Bay,Australia

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

tweedledeedee and off we fly

 We are off to Sydney pretty soon - have lunch all ready for eating on the plane since airline food is not worth getting excited about - not Qantas though - Virgin had a better deal. The J J champs are on for the 18ft skiffs - things not going so well so far but more days to come.

We were flat out yesterday and sorry to say not quite finish all the orders or get all the clubs away - I did get started on them and will be back next Tuesday to carry on. I also did NOT get to tidy  my big desk so will try again next week. I have gathered stuff to stitch and maybe make a bit of felty stuff.

 A little Paris page underway - the image on the bottom are a couple of photos I took in Paris printed onto Tissutex which had been soaked in Bubblejetset - probably ages ago as i found it taped to a sheet of paper underneath a pile of stuff. After I printed it I sponged water on the surface to test and nothing moved.

 And a collage - sorry about the light - it isn't that yellow

Trying an idea thanks to Pokey Bolton but on Tissutex. When I get back....

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Welcome to Paris

 Not sure where the days go by - the heat does not help - all these days over 30 and tend to forget what rain might look like. I changed my theme to Paris so out came my lovely little Paris Shoes book and my large box of papers and fabrics and paper napkins and wool and thread and a bit more. I am pleased to see the printed plastic bags I brought back from Paris with me.

 A page at the ready. The overlay was in the box with my Paris shoes.

 A collection of some things I have done this week - I am afraid my desk is a bit of a mess - that is what happens when you have at least 6 projects on the go.

On Tuesday I went to the Kaffe Fasset lecture at Perth Mod - loads of wonderful colour - he has a great eye for colour I must say. I bought Glorious knitting way back when and made a few. And today I found the Needlepoint book. I must have stopped buying them after that. He sure has produced a few over the years. There are some wonderful people around with a good eye for colour. I love to pull the books out and think colour for a time.

Yesterday we went down to Safety Bay and had a lovely lunch with Val and Jim in their Peppermint Tree restaurant eating crabs and drinking wine. Very relaxing indeed.

Followed the yachting but 2 races and a number of false starts - all abandoned. Grant came third in the invitation race on Friday but today did not go to plan.  That's yachting.

Don't forget to check out the new Limited Edition at the top of this page - it's a beautiful colour and Jacinta is dyeing up some flimsies to match so I can use one.

We enjoyed some of the rugby but not all must say. The Blues beat the Crusaders and the Chiefs beat the Highlanders and the hurries just got done in the last two minutes and the Force redeemed themselves a wee tiny bit in the last part of their game.


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