Friday, March 28, 2014

Black Lutradur - gelli plate - Opulence Paints - stencil

 Yes - I know I haven't blogged for some time - not that I have been doing nothing but in fact been very busy. I am working on quite a variety of things - lots for my workshops coming up but nothing resolved as yet. however I thought I would play with black Lutradur. There has been a bit of talk about Lutradur being discontinued - well this may be but we have plenty and our supplier tells me they have more than plenty so if you can't get it at your usual spot, you can get it from us. We have white in 4 weights and black in 70gsm.

Black is interesting - it takes metallic paints. I used my gelli plate and a stencil and red and gold Oppie paint. But I only worked through some parts of the stencil

 On a second piece I used the same paint and same stencil but afterwards I sprayed the surface with Glitz Spritz - one of the iridescent ones - both sides - one above and one below. the sprays add that extra special something.

Next I tried a different stencil but same paints and was thrilled with this result. I am thinking about printing over this and maybe stitching

and another one which for some reason looks to have a blue tinge but believe you me, it is black. Must be my camera

Basically I am thrilled with hoe the black lutradur looks - we are selling it by the metre.

Then, because I was playing with the gelli plate and paints and stencils, I worked on a sheet of deli paper which is now sitting at my printer waiting to be printed on. Very exciting.

Not just that but the Hurricanes have beaten the Crusaders in Christchurch so maybe they are on the up.
Ian is working hard on threads.In-fusion which , trust me, will be out in March. i have promised him a train trip outing to Fremantle for lunch the day after I email it out. It's going to be a great issue - There are some fabulous articles.  I think he just has my last article to go and of course all the contents and links etc. I will feed him well while he works.


Heather said...

Love those black experiments, especially the last two. The one on deli paper is interesting too. No-one over here (UK) seems to know what it is but my daughter and I think we have found some. All I need now is time to play and find out if we are right!

Aussie Jo said...

Love the prints on the black, will have to get out the lutrador and gelli plate.

Lynette (NZ) said...

These look very cool. Can't wait to meet you in April. I have newly taken over updating the Rose City Quilters blog so now there are links to you there too. Happy weekend

Amanda said...

Well I've missed you but I knew you wouldn't be just twiddling your thumbs. Love the look of the middle stencil.


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