Wednesday, October 31, 2012

and where have you been, Dale?

 Well actually not very far. This has been quite an exhausting week and it is only Wednesday. Very well organised by the end of Sunday in that I had most of the orders under control, the washing done, the bags unpacked and all of that sort of thing but things have got more involved since then. Somehow Monday vanished with magazines roaring in and other parcels of stuff. Tuesday the boxes from London arrived - there always must be a problem - everything got there so easily so we should have known there would be some way to extract money from us. Good old quarantine decided to have a peep inside for the princely sum of $150.55 and when they arrived, every box was in a  shocking condition - ripped down the sides and not packed at all as I had - since it is me who packs them and who would ever put heavy boxes of Khadi books on top of delicate things.....?????  The thread stand pole was sticking out of two sides of the box and the damage had been 'noted'. Fortunately still in the same nick as before.
Anyway I unpacked everything yesterday and got it all laid out mostly on the poor old kitchen floor - again. Then I cooked a lovely curry and when I sat down to relax I nearly fell asleep - it was at that point in time I realised I had really been working hard. Here are all the khadi books - we have the spiro and bound ones again and bigger zigzag books (not that many I see) and some lovely little jute notebooks which had caught my eye.

 Her ladyship has been helping Ian by making it difficult for him to actually use his computer but today after sleeping on my pillow for most of the day, she graced him with her presence. I think basically she is happy that we are back.

 This year there was very little returning stuff in the boxes and lots of new goodies or restocking goodies. I picked up lots of delightful little tins of sequins - these are the red sets - 9 little jars of excitement. I love it when i find something exciting. This year I really roamed the venue with beady eyes.

 These are not the luscious silk laps we are hand dyeing but rather crinkly ones from the cocoons - have only had time to drool at them. And there is lots more which will slowly emerge and hot the website.

One of the three mags to arrive is the latest Somerset Studio and we also got Cloth Paper Scissors and Stitch Gifts. We have sent out all the subs etc and there are a few of each still available.
Since Sunday I have not even unlocked the studio door but I really have loads to do on the weekend so I think I shall abandon work so I can. I have a notebook packed with ideas which need trying out and exploring.
I have written my part of the newsletter and Ian should have it ready tomorrow - he is working like a slave as well and will be endeavouring to get all  the new goodies up as fast as he can.
Two things though - November is Fibres Month and throughout the month we will have little treats on offer on the website. Just go here Fibres Month each day or so to see what is on offer (I see he has been generous and started before the 1st of Nov)
Also on 24th November is our Fibres Day - in the back garden of The Thread Studio 10am to 2pm - I will add a flyer for that as soon as I can.
Now I am stopping for the day and tonight I am not marking prices on bags and bags of threads or labelling stuff - we are off to Il Pasto for dinner.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

chiffon scarves

Jacky asked
If they make chiffon scarves, why can't you buy chiffon on the roll? Does anybody know the answer to this one?


Well - you can but I was talking to the supplier and he is happy to get in rolls if you want a 1000 metre of each colour? With of course a minimum order for him of many rolls. Not really viable Jacky and as far as most of us are aware he is the only supplier anywhere. Even though I would love to be able to sell it by the metre or so, I am on his side.....

YES - we are back

Friday, October 26, 2012

Where have the days gone to?

Our couple of days in London have flown by. We went to the National Portrait Gallery - it's a great place to visit.

We went to Moro - fabulous restaurant - with Grant and Hannah and Annette and Terry

Got Ian to take some pics. - somehow he missed Annette

Wine for Val

My dessert - rose petal and cardomon ice cream

Today we went to the Hollywood Costume Exhibition - really wonderful and course saw Dorothy's red shoes

And this morning we went off to get 40 dozen chiffon scarves

Tomorrow we fly home

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Farewell Le Luberon

It is our last morning before we catch the TGV back to London - this is the stamp I bought at the markets - I should have got more but it was the first place we came to and I thought there would more excitement to catch my eye and wallet - when we went back it was raining and they were packing up.

Yesterday it rained off and on but lovely to see the leaves and watch the rain fall. We went to Oppede Le Vieux where we have been before but lots of it is roped off.

We visit a lovely vineyard - La Garelle - best Syrah we have had so we had to buy some to squeeze in our suitcases

Not such a good photo but the vineyard is in a beautiful spot

Finished our holiday with a drive to Carpentras - haven't been there for a few years and we had a lovely scenic tour back

Last night we went to L'arome in Bonnieux again - we thought it was the best restaurant we visited this past week. When we left it was raining cats and dogs and water everywhere - umbrellas were in the car but they wouldn't have helped. Everyone knows I love my shoes - no way were they getting wet so I tucked them under my clothes and off I went through torrents of water. Always dry yourself when you get home but lovely shoes are previous.

Rain had gone this morning so it is pack our bags and off we go to Avignon. Looking at all the stuff I bought - I didn't do much. Made some felt - stitched a bit - sketched a bit - oh well...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Still relaxing in Le Luberon

Today we went to the markets at L'isle sur Le Sorgue - even got up early. We didn't buy much other than yummy fresh food for our dinner tonight but we enjoyed wandering around. We stopped for coffee and Ian spent time catching his bearings.

Saw lots of lovely little olive trees

And loads of olives ready to eat

And the garlic looked great especially as there is little available in Perth right now and it is expensive. There was also lots of rosé garlic - I guess it is grown with the roses and had a lovely rose colour.

Lots of great mushroom varieties of course but this display was 8 euros a dish

Loved the colours of the artichokes

And of course loads of wonderful seafood - you can only look because you can't buy everything. We tasted meats - cheese - macaroons - fig jelly -

Strawberries looked appealing and I wish I had taken a photo of the bunches of chillies

I bought four packets of serviettes and 1 stamp - restrained but I didn't see anything else.

It rained towards the end but somehow the traders looked like they had done it all before. Pack up today and off to the next village tomorrow.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another day to enjoy

Mysterioso - the entry to our house Le Jujubier at night

Rosemary bush just outside our gate which we have been using. There is still a lavender spot here and there even though the season is over - just enough to run your fingers through.

Today we went to the Village des Bories -

I love how they stacked the limestone - and clever little windows and cupboards - they wouldn't have seen it that way!

Bit dark but tonight we went to Le Verandah - fabulous local restaurant - this was our Rum Baba

When I am away I have too many things I want to do - I have started on my sketchbook - have been hand stitching - layering fabrics etc and here is my slushie and fabrics for some nuno felting - actually all laid out and ready to go.

We have spent a lot of time roaming the many 100s of tv channels for one showing the rugby tomorrow but it does look like we will have to watch the live streaming

Friday, October 19, 2012

Another day in Provence

We are having a most relaxing time except when Ian has large trucks up his rear end impatiently parping at him. We went to Rousillon and bought a lovely salad bowl from a local artisan to match the two small bowls we got last year and I got myself some more pigments to use.

Visited Gordes which is a beautiful town - here is Ian photographing things further down the way. I would not want to be here in August. Didn't see Cadel Evans though.

Lovely streets etc

Last night we ate at Le Fournil in Bonnieux - this is my sea bass - two nights of fab meals same town

At the bottom of our steps where we park our car

Today we visited Aux en Provence - further south and venturing onto the auto route - really enjoyed wandering in the old town - pizza for lunch

There was a clothes etc market in the main area and this is the first time I have ever found material to buy which wasn't already a tablecloth weather proofed

Spotted this while we were wandering

And because indulgence got a new red leather wallet, we are eating at chez rollo tonight - no red shoes this year....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Relaxing in Menerbes

Arriving at Avignon and off to get our hire car

The gate to Le Jubjubier - where we stayed last year - all just as lovely

Just a walk away

The countryside - it is so quiet that I wonder if everyone has gone on holiday?

Found some Isabella wine for Jacinta - ha ha

Last night we went to a wonderful restaurant on Bonnieux - L'arome - our table setting before we began. Bonnieux is the next village down -in the afternoon I popped into a little shop where I bought some little books last year. This year I had to move furniture to get to the books and the lights were off and the books very very dusty.

Started a little stitching

Lazy start to the day but off to explore after baguette and local lavender honey

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ally Pally been and gone

Last Tuesday we flew out of Perth on a Tuesday afternoon and arrived in London at 6 am on Wed ( don't worry about the time change) got the train and bus to Alexandra Palace arriving at 8 am and here we are at our empty little stand but everything here waiting for us. Grant had been and gone!

Later on the day all set up ready for action. The stand looked lovely - well we thought so!

Had a fabulous four days and watched the tables getting leaner with goodies.

Sunday night all done and dusted - fewer boxes going to Perth full of dome returning stock and plenty of new goodies including lots of lovely Khadi books - for those folks waiting patiently!

We had a wonderful time - I think this was one of the best shows for me because I caught up with lots of great people - friends - colleagues - customers etc and I found a few new excitements. Sometimes there isn't much new to find. I tossed ideas around with a few people and if course being busy working means my creative brain has been extra busy so loads of ideas in my notebooks

Caught up with Lisa and Peter

Maggie Grey

Sue Dove and Jill Denton

Lynda Monk

Val Holmes

Jean and Jan

And it was so lovely catching up with Shelagh on Sunday

Last night we stayed with Grant and Hannah and managed a nice night out last night

Right now we have just arrived in Avignon waiting to collect our car

Looking forward to a wonderful week at Menerbes

Dashing through Paris with a fearless taxi driver en route to the Gare de Lyon


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