Friday, October 05, 2012

it's Friday already

We are back from Adelaide but did we go away? I know we did because the return boxes arrived this morning while I was at the dentist discussing the tooth I had out with the abcess and declining the offer to part with thousands more of my precious hard earned money. What's a space I am thinking? Anyway, half the boxes are unpacked - we certainly sold an awful lot of stencils because there were not many to put away. And 3 flimsies left - a couple more arrived today in Brianna and Stonehaven drying happily in the garden along with these lovely sari ribbons - not many of them left either. TNT have managed to deliver 2 boxes short so hope they come on Monday.

 Next I have been preparing my goodies for my holiday - in Provence again, Got lots of emails with suggestions of where we are going but in fact we are of to Menerbes in the luberon (Provence) once again to the same lovely place as last time. So I am selecting colours in my spray bottles

 Preparing some prefelts to stitch on and gathering my threads. I have still not brought my lap top and printer to the house to print maps on Tissutex but I will...... Busy weekend ahead with rugby very late at night.

 We have two sofas- his and hers -  but her can only sit on half of hers because a certain Harley has taken over and if she eats many more of her crunchy biscuits (I am sure she dreams about them all day), then there will be no room for me)

Very cosy tucked in

The newsletter has just been sent out and fingers crossed you can all open it. Don't be shy though if you can't - just email and Ian the wizard will wing his magic.


Heather said...

Love your 'holiday' sewing colours. Harley looks very sleek and grown up now. She has become very much a part of the household.

Amanda said...

Beautiful colours and a lovely part of France to visit again.

We have two 4 seater sofas. A his and a mine with two large dogs, a small dog and a cat. I don't mind but I have pet grumbles when I have to move them slightly because there is no room to knit or sew. *sigh*

lisa_crofts said...

Go to the American dentist in Bali at mata hari galleria

Robin Mac said...

I had the same argument with my dentist! the space is not bothering me at all. Hartley looks so comfortable how could you possible complain! Your colours of Provence look luscious. Have a very creative holiday after your hard work in London. Cheers


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