Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Off to London we go

 This afternoon we are off to London but things are going at their usual panic pace. First we had to go to town and buy a new suitcase and then Jacinta sent 2 large bags of wet stuff for me to dry - just as well they didn't arrive tomorrow Jacinta - be all smelly down at the post office for three weeks. All of our due parcels arrived except one and 2 of our boxes from Adelaide are still on their way. Can't do more than that.

In the meantime I just had to share my tomato plant. I have tried every year for so many years and this time - looks successful. Just hope they are not ripe until we get back - there are loads. I am sure Bruce will eat them if they are ripe.

 When we were in town we passed a lovely piano - light was not good but it says play me - lovely to see

As you can see I have started gathering my stuff - my trusty sprays in Provence type colours - but that is all so off I go to gather some more and get those fibres and fabrics dry. We arrive in London about 6am with a long day ahead of us. But at least one new suitcase.....

1 comment:

Judy said...

Dale, you're going to have lovely tomatoes on your return. Hope you both have a great time in London and in Provence.


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