Sunday, November 30, 2014

That day each year once again

Yes - it is that day once again - this time our 46th wedding anni can you believe? We decided to stay in Hawkes Bay and lunch at Clearview Vineyard after we popped in yesterday on our way home.

A toast with a Clearview Chardonnay

Fish of the day - groper - and yummy it was too

Then we indulged in dessert - that's Ian's

And this was mine

And a sticky to go with it

Lovely day indeed - followed by a drive to Wellington via the Wairarapa and a check out of my grandparents house

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday in Hawkes Bay

A drive up Te Mata Peak - wonderful views but plenty of wind

In the afternoon we went to Cape Kidnappers and did a three hour trip - we both enjoyed it very much - the driver - host - guide was so enthusiastic and passionate and full of loads of info.

We went to the Gannet colony and I learnt more than what I ever imagined I might know

Two Gannets - these guys mate for life but at the moment they are nesting.

Here is one strutting his stuff

Looking down at another level of Gannets

And here is the loner or the individualist

Hawkes Bay NZ

Yesterday we roamed around mostly Napier - we haven't been here or anywhere in Hawkes Bay for a long time- the weather is certainly better than Palmerston North. This is a golf putt putt on Marine Parade - that brought back memories

Art outside the tourist info site where we needed to collect a map

The Cabbage Tree in glory

Sculpture seen in the gardens

I read about this - Writing on the Wall which is highly appropriate for me

Seen in Napier

This is the National Tobacco Company building - wonderful Art Deco building in 1933 after the earthquake

I took a few shots

There were all round the edges

Last night we went to Black Barn Bistro for a lovely meal and very friendly staff - would recommend it

Can't stay in NZ without the sheep pretty close to our Loft - along with a paddock full of cows

Our view from the upstairs balcony. Bliss

Friday, November 28, 2014

Birthday fun

Yes - we were lucky to fly over to NZ on the new plastic fantastic- really good flight very quiet and big windows

Lots of pohutakawa flowers out in bloom on the walk between the terminals.

Then off to Palmerston North and to Aunty Ivy's 90th - she has just cut her cake. It was a great night and so many people to catch up with

Milton, Ivy and Susan

All the Rollys with Aunty Ivy

Next day after fare welling everyone and having lunch with Bev and Ross, we drove over the Saddle to Hawkes Bay - very windy up there with the windmills

We are staying in Clive and off to explore

Location:Lawn Road,Clive,New Zealand

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We are off to NZ tonight for a week - it's Aunty Ivy's 90th tomorrow and then we are off and about for a few days. This will be my 4th trip to Palmerston North this year - yikes
Here is the fabulous black fantastic waiting for us to board

I have started work on my New York Sewers - cut a stencil first

I used it with the Gelli Plate on tissutex and deli paper

I also made a thermofax screen

Then I had some fun with one oft NY paper napkins

Screened a bit and layered deli paper on the surface

Testing the screen on tissutex- lots to do but I have got started - loads of drawings and ideas at the ready

Monday, November 17, 2014

Permission to play

The other day Lesley Riley wrote a blog post on using TAP (Transfer Artist Paper), stencils and sprays. 

Because as you will know I love my Moonglow sprays and had never thought to use them with TAP,  I couldn't wait to have a go. Permission to play means permission to make mistakes - that is how we learn.
Lesley wrote that the polymer on the TAP paper encapsulates the water-soluble spray inks and makes them permanent and waterproof. 

So I used a stencil and my Starburst Sprays and followed it by printing through the inkjet printer. Worked a treat. I chose some West Coast South Island words and Reefton of course as that is Ian's home town. I didn't photograph it before I transferred the TAP but in my eagerness to do so, I turned on the iron  and looked around for some Tissutex Plus becasue it is nice and strong and would work well in my journal. I found one which had already had words transferred - no idea how - could have been a gel medium or even a laser transfer or a fusible webbing one, but the point was it didn't work and hours later after picking and scraping I gave up. You can see above the stage where I stopped.

 But I did simply tear out what had worked and transfer it to my Khadi journal where I had previously stenciled other images. So not a total disaster and if you look you can see the layer of words underneath - it was writing all about the West Coast.

This is the stencil I used and I also used it on a page as well not that you could really see.

So - I sprayed and stencilled and printed another and managed to successfully transfer it this time and then I used a gel medium to add it to my journal. Sometimes I use fusible webbing but best to try all sorts of things.

Then I decided to change to my Kimberley Dreaming theme and did another - at the top not so clear I printed one of my thermofax screen designs - frangipani flowers so it is a very fine outline but will work. Remember of course to reverse your words - I do get that part correct these days. I like this stencil because it has an ancient rock look to it - sometimes.

Here is the pale frangipani
and the Broome words before I  ironed onto Tissutex. I painted webbing this time and ironed it to Lutradur XL so I could make a postcard and if I look very carefully I can see the crinkly painted webbing underneath. I have learnt that one must not iron the painted webbing to the Tissutex and expect the TAP to transfer onto it - no.

Can you see that it ended up lighter after it was ironed onto the Tissutex - something to explore I think. However going back to the actual piece it is the same as the darker one so it must be my photo at that time.You can't see it but I stitched on it and zigzagged the edges so I have a new page to add to one of my books. Maybe you can see it.

This is the colour left on the backing paper after I had ironed on the webbing - highly suitable for using somewhere. I didn't do this but often do - instead of just ironing the webbing face down, I usually lift it and layer it becasue the colour is stronger on the top rather than on the underneath. Always worth a try anyway.

Great idea and if you don't play you will never discover what you do wrong and make it right - or right for you. Right now though I cannot print anything because my inkjet printer has died so I shall move onto something else in the meantime.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beaufort Street Festival 2014

 Saturday was the Beaufort Street Festival and I believe that 150,000 came and went. It was packed and hot but not as hot as last year. This was a wonderful Peacock made from recycled goodies - hard to photograph lots of people

As you can see - lots of people - lots of food stands and people hanging out in restaurants people viewing or look at me - we wandered to the top, checked out a few things and saw the art work - lots of artists. This year they used the side streets more - and plenty of kiddy activities and the usual dog beauty award and other things happening. It is great to have the street closed to traffic and I know it causes chaos to the streets surrounding but then we do live near the inner city  so just enjoy it.

 Another photo looking the other way.

 in Grosvenor Lane there was some fabulous laneway art - Beaufort Street has lots of laneway art these days and I also read in the paper of all the new little bars cropping up.Not that I drink spirity stuff but it is great to see.I rather like the idea of Tonys where you have to have a code to get in the door. Not to mention dining on the beaches. Things have changed in Perth since we came here when you couldn't eat outside restaurants as you can in Europe.

The mayor had his photo taken with these great pieces. My phone was complaining so I only took these ones but it was great to see it all happening.  When you go walking you realise how things have changed in Highgate since we came here in 1992 - so many high rises and apartments and so many people. And very cosmopolitan.

Meant to say thanks for all the lovely emails about my blogging in New York - glad you enjoyed it - we tried to cover everything we could in our 10 days but of course we missed things but we were happy. Loved New York. I haven't started work on my manholes as yet but my baskets of goodies and stuff is full waiting.


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