Saturday, August 31, 2013

black and white playing time

 We are back from our wonderful long weekend in Wellington aka Wellie - good flight all the way back - and absolutely perfect weather - took these heavy clothes and carted them back again. Been pretty busy since we landed - I am still counting and ordering and plenty of parcels of new stuff to excite me. The Derwent metallic pencils arrived - I have had them for ages and have never got around to ordering them until now and I also got the XL Graphite and Charcoal blocks but haven't had time to play with them yet. Love the Derwent products.

Instead I have been sneaking bits and pieces of a couple of dvds I bought ages back but haven't been watching any because my lap top was stolen and I don't usually like watching dvds on the main computer but as I still don't have a new laptop thought I had better. I bought Anne Bagby's two dvds because I read somewhere that she does exciting things with papers and collage and she sure does. My head is spinning with new ideas. I would like a book to accompany it - I do like the hard copy stuff to pore over. Anyway she talks about papers we don't have down under so I pulled out Tissutex which I reckon is same or similar as it is conservation paper and because I haven't seen it, i am not sure what US deli paper is really like but I found some waxed paper at the supermarket and I think it will do nicely. Waxed paper is non porous and this is.  I really believe that if you can't get a product in your own country you should find something you think will work - that's what it is all about surely?

 I painted both papers with black and white paint - I used Opulent paints which have mica - Blanche and Triesse (this has gold in it and reacted differently on each type) - then I applied the other colour through a stencil. Anne does mountains more - cuts stamps and applies stamps and stencils but I am only allowing myself a quick intro to this whole new area of play. There is so much on these dvds that I can see myself returning again and again.

 If I had time I would create a heap of different papers - using the gelli plate - stencils - stamps etc

When I get a moment I shall tear them or cut them up or whatever and reapply - collage? Maybe - maybe weave them. The what if factor grows. I will post when I move onto  stage two of this activity. Check out Anne Bagby if it appeals to you. i would personally attend a hands on although I might be exhausted afterwards. She moves at rocket speed in the dvds.

I have written my share of the newsletter and am now back to working on the e-mag - I have finishing touches to my articles -I really should stop and remember that each bit of writing is an article and not a book.

All sorts of things appeared this week - more sea urchin spines but they are half gone so I ordered another lot straight away. They seem to take quite a while. Plus the latest Cloth Paper Scissors arrived - issue 50 - i do remember when issue 1 was getting ready to appear. this particular issue is very good - wonderful interview with Louise O'Hara and a few other excitements. I can't remember what else came....
Last night we watched the final part of Broadchurch. A little drawn out but very well done. David Tennant was excellent - you kept wondering if he was going to drop dead at any point.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Leaving wonderful Wellie

We have had a lovely weekend - the weather has been great and Sunday was just glorious - we went to Kelburn for breakfast - checked out our old flat in Northland and our house in Glenside ( the first of our three homes since whenever) - it has all changed out that way. Then we went to Waikanae to visit old friends. My favourite stretch of road along the coast.

We drove back up the Paekak(sp short version) hill - glorious sunset - looking to Kapiti Island

Looking to the South Island

Back to Kapiti

And back to the South Island
Dinner with Ken and Raylene and this morning a drive around the bays and sitting at the Wellie airport en route to Auckland for the flight back to Perth
And yes - it us a long way - Perth is a long way from anywhere but worth the trip to feed my soul! Coming to Wellington is an extra bonus.
Back to work tomorrow - as always loads to do

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Great day in Wellie

Great breakfast to start our day followed by lots of shopping (for Ian not Dale)

Looking towards the cultural centre

Another close up of the Katherine Mansfield sculpture - really impressive

This bucket fountain has been on the Cuba Mall for at least 42 years - still going strong

We went for a drive around the bays before we attempted to get good and wine before the game - there were loads and loads of people in black absolutely everywhere

Finally got onto a restaurant where they were pretty overworked but they wined and dined us and did a good job

Just in case you were wondering where we have been today - this was the All Blacks vs the Wallabies at the cake tin - we thoroughly enjoyed it all

Friday, August 23, 2013

Here we are in Wellie

Long day - we arrived in Auckland at 5.30 am and in Wellington at 8.30am. So lucky ha ha to have John Keys NZ prime minister across the aisle from us. Spotted this guy when we checked in to our hotel

Went shopping and wandering. Lovely day and a sailing ship in the harbour

We enjoyed roaming around - the city is buzzing with people - big rugby game tomorrow and Ian was delighted to see some rugby greats including Colin Meads

There's a few cemeteries outside our room

Tonight we went to dinner with Raylene and Ken - lovely to catch up and of course I didn't take a photo - Sunday

On the way back we passed a sculpture to Katherine Mansfield - one of NZ probably best known short story writers


Long day when you travel through the night - more adventures tomorrow

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Off to Wonderful Wellie

Tonight we are off to wonderful Wellie - primarily to watch the All Blacks vs Wallabies but also to see the sights and enjoy my favourite city in the world. And catch up with Ken and Raylene and others as well.

It's a beautiful day in Perth - we have had the longest period of rain which has been wonderful of course but our gardening is a little behind schedule. These freesias manage to rise from the ground every year despite anything else.

I have been to the nursery for lots of grevilleas and a few kangaroo paws (sometimes we don't have luck with their survival but there are sufficient which keep on keeping on. This is a black one with yellow

and a more standard one. Hope they all hang in until we get back on Monday night -

I was playing with the Inktense Blocks and the gelli plates and a stencil - then I stitched a little over the surface last night. Pleased with the result.

I would show you a photo of Harley but she seems to be in the same or a very similar spot on our new bed cover......

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here I am Once Again

 Here I am again - hard to get me off this lovely new bed cover - I only move off to eat and as I am usually pushed outside I wait until they have forgotten me and rush back inside. The only other time I escape outside is when HE turns the vacuum cleaner on. I think I was traumatized with a vacuum cleaner in my youth but my memory is a bit vague - I know I have to run away with my belly close to the ground.

 Thought I would play with the gelli late and try some letters - I love these sponge letters - i have about 2 packs of them left in the shop but I think I will collect one pack for myself because I know I cannot get any more. They work well for monoprinting although some letters back to front don't work. I love these stamps for the spongey irregularities.

 Fabbo  night last night - we had a small crowd and Ian and I were outnumbered but the All Blacks played very well indeed and won with a big margin. I still worry until the last moment though. Hope the game next weekend in wobbly Wellie is good as we are off to it.

Wed night we went to the ACO - fabulous as always and the Brahms Quintet lovely.

Seems to have stopped raining today so a little gardening - I need to go visit the nursery as spring will be here in a short time. I have also added a little tutorial on Supa Foil if you are interested.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Look At Me - Look At Me

 I am not supposed to be on the new bed cover but I am determined to enjoy it - yesterday I was even found hiding under the pillows with just my face peering out.

 As you know I am in love with the Inktense blocks and am experimenting with them for my article in thread.In-fusion issue 2. I wanted to try them with the gelli plate because I just wanted to. I tried two different ways. Here I sprayed the plate with water and then rubbed the blocks over the surface.

I popped one of the new stencils on top and laid fabric over this. Thought I would use cotton poplin today but it could have been any of the surfaces I like to work on.

This was the first take - I like it because it is quite different - quite wet of course. Fabulous for a background.

Here you can see another one - i also tried using the blocks on the gelli plate dryish (they were not actually dry but I didn't spray the surface first) and then I sprayed water for this effect.

And here I flipped the stencil over and rolled it over the fabric.

I did lots of different playing but you will have to wait for the mag - or even subscribe! to see what else I have done. Using the blocks on the gelli plate surface is quite different from using paint but I like what I am seeing. I especially love my 72 set - indulged me.
But one thing about them is that they don't make you fat or give you a hangover.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another week has whizzed by

 Not sure where each day goes but semblance is still underway. These are the gorgeous silk thrums which we had for the show which have been selling away - the colours alone are so tempting. I am not sure what people will do with them other than stroke them - they are made of lots of fine silk yarn in a myriad of colours.

I did say I was going to garden on Sat but it has been raining persistently so I didn't get far. I did sweep the decking up the back and weed the pots at the back but still plenty to do when it clears up. Ate the last of the basil and the chillies and looked at the freesias out in bloom.

We have finally caught up on the back log of orders and I am underway with the clubs - packed loads of silk fibre today and got the silk fibre clubs away - stitchy stitchy and machine stitchy all that I have left to do. 

On facebook I had a super sale of chiffon ribbon. I thought it had all sold but then this morning I found another bag - I feel like the sausage situation - i.e. an exaggerated con artist but I really did. So I have 3 bags left - and really only 3 bags left this time of 8 coloured and 6 white hanks of chiffon ribbon for $30 plus postage for anyone interested.

I also got my in-between the issues bulletin out yesterday for all the e-mag subscribers and am steadily working on my articles for Issue 2. One of my articles is on the Inktense Blocks which we now have in sets of 36 and 72 - I am really enjoying exploring these - the minute you add water the colour just pings.

With my laptop I am back to square one - I was going to have Ian's rejected one but it is finished and needs to go in the bin so I am having to find time to go look and buy a new one. So annoying but there you are.

Today we received all the new Crafter's Workshop stencils (not yet on the web) and a top up and 14 new Stencil Girl Stencils, along with a few boxes of Sun Dye Fabric Paints and a few other things I forget.

On Sat we went to the rally to keep all of the City of Vincent together - the emperor in his wisdom has presented plans to divide up the community and send it to bigger communities and this is a democracy apparently. 20 years ago another Liberal party emperor decided that the City of Perth needed to be divided   up and thus the Town of Vincent was born. We have never had a complaint and in fact I think pretty well all of the community is happy. It did become the City of Vincent when the gold chain mayor of the time wanted to be more important but that is beside the issue. Now our city of Vincent has been split in a peculiar way - we will go into Perth but other parts go somewhere else. And as I said - in a democracy, the people have no rights.... And heaven help us - there is a Federal election coming up soon. Too much over governing I do believe....

Finally here is my helper - she has done a wonderful job. That red and purple is a crochet bedspread belong to one of my boys a long time ago and yes I made it and another and a big one for us. We have had a beautiful Indian embroidered fine cotton cover for about 10 - 15 years - who knows - I love it because it is very light - unfortunately it has been rotting away for quite some time and I have spent hours looking on the web and in shops for a replacement - finally happened hits week and we now have a florence Broadhurst cover and stuff.
This is not our bed but it is the pattern - looks good too.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

AWOL but with a reason

 So where have I been? I don't think I have abandoned my blog for so long before. Having the show here in Perth is quite a huge thing. Lots of packing and packaging and loading this enormous van. A brand new Mercedes Benz which Ian tells me was lovely to drive so that part was okay. It's laborious loading it all up though.

You could sleep inside not a problem

Then unloading it all at the showgrounds onto the outside of our rather enormous stand but thanks to Jaslyn and Oliver who made things go much faster than just the two of us.

One little section partly set up - the fibres and flimsie department and my demo spot. The number of people who were sure the stuff on my cardboard box was for sale. Sorry - it was mine....

On the way one morning we passed the new Police headquarters and I snapped the art work outside.

We had a working textile artist each day and they were all fabulous. Here is Martien van Zuilen at work

On Saturday, Elizabeth Morley wowed everyone with her fab work.

and on Sunday Cindy Cooper was creating wonderful mixed media work.

Special thanks to all three - you added that extra bit.

The show was really great - lovely to meet up with so many people - our Gee Golly Gosh table was - well - o wow! You helped me clear things and made me happy.  There were wonderful exhibitions including the clever ladies from Northhampton (you will have to wait for the e-mag to see some of their work) and Ali George was an amazing host of the 'this is a Quilt' touring exhibition and my invited Artful Journey exhibition went down well. Sadly I took photos but they have disappeared so plan b is coming into operation next week.

Another part of our stand - it was so large that I could have popped up many different photos.

Of course once the show was finished, everything had to be packed back into the van and we could not have managed without Jaslyn, Marion and Oliver - then on Monday morning we unloaded everything - it takes me days to get it all back in place because I take this opportunity to count sort and all that stuff. This is our front hall - we really enjoyed a few days of a clear space

The shop room waiting for more action

Our bedroom - we have had to mountaineer to the bed.

Our front verandah but at least these are all contained.

and in the midst of it all - you know who - just sittin' and relaxin'

Everything should be almost back to normal by the end of today but ploughing through all of the orders is taking me longer than it might as I have to find things. Usually when we do a show, orders so reasonably quiet but not this weekend - so if you are waiting I apologize but I will soon be up to date.

Then off to  work on the e-mag - my studio desk is rather a mess and last weekend Grant and Hannah were over from Sydney but we did catch up at night - and I forgot to add that the rugby final was nail biting but the mighty Chiefs won - great game.  Sat is gardening day and not before time.


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