Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another week has whizzed by

 Not sure where each day goes but semblance is still underway. These are the gorgeous silk thrums which we had for the show which have been selling away - the colours alone are so tempting. I am not sure what people will do with them other than stroke them - they are made of lots of fine silk yarn in a myriad of colours.

I did say I was going to garden on Sat but it has been raining persistently so I didn't get far. I did sweep the decking up the back and weed the pots at the back but still plenty to do when it clears up. Ate the last of the basil and the chillies and looked at the freesias out in bloom.

We have finally caught up on the back log of orders and I am underway with the clubs - packed loads of silk fibre today and got the silk fibre clubs away - stitchy stitchy and machine stitchy all that I have left to do. 

On facebook I had a super sale of chiffon ribbon. I thought it had all sold but then this morning I found another bag - I feel like the sausage situation - i.e. an exaggerated con artist but I really did. So I have 3 bags left - and really only 3 bags left this time of 8 coloured and 6 white hanks of chiffon ribbon for $30 plus postage for anyone interested.

I also got my in-between the issues bulletin out yesterday for all the e-mag subscribers and am steadily working on my articles for Issue 2. One of my articles is on the Inktense Blocks which we now have in sets of 36 and 72 - I am really enjoying exploring these - the minute you add water the colour just pings.

With my laptop I am back to square one - I was going to have Ian's rejected one but it is finished and needs to go in the bin so I am having to find time to go look and buy a new one. So annoying but there you are.

Today we received all the new Crafter's Workshop stencils (not yet on the web) and a top up and 14 new Stencil Girl Stencils, along with a few boxes of Sun Dye Fabric Paints and a few other things I forget.

On Sat we went to the rally to keep all of the City of Vincent together - the emperor in his wisdom has presented plans to divide up the community and send it to bigger communities and this is a democracy apparently. 20 years ago another Liberal party emperor decided that the City of Perth needed to be divided   up and thus the Town of Vincent was born. We have never had a complaint and in fact I think pretty well all of the community is happy. It did become the City of Vincent when the gold chain mayor of the time wanted to be more important but that is beside the issue. Now our city of Vincent has been split in a peculiar way - we will go into Perth but other parts go somewhere else. And as I said - in a democracy, the people have no rights.... And heaven help us - there is a Federal election coming up soon. Too much over governing I do believe....

Finally here is my helper - she has done a wonderful job. That red and purple is a crochet bedspread belong to one of my boys a long time ago and yes I made it and another and a big one for us. We have had a beautiful Indian embroidered fine cotton cover for about 10 - 15 years - who knows - I love it because it is very light - unfortunately it has been rotting away for quite some time and I have spent hours looking on the web and in shops for a replacement - finally happened hits week and we now have a florence Broadhurst cover and stuff.
This is not our bed but it is the pattern - looks good too.

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Heather said...

I'm not nearly as busy as you but my days whizz by just as fast.
Those silk thrums are tempting as are the fibre packs but I already have plenty to play with.
Harley looks very relaxed and the new bedspread is so elegant.


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