Friday, May 31, 2013

Weaving and stuff

My last photo for the month - I have been making paper with silk hankies and cutting and weaving and stitching - really pleased with this lightbulb idea I came up with in the middle of the night but expect it has been done before

I have managed a photo a day this month - phew

Two rugby games this afternoon and then off to Jesus Christ Superstar - should be good

E mag in last throes - launching Monday

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Think winter is coming

Photo today - I am working on layers of papers in my Kimberley Dreaming mode - in between other things such as deciding to add a bit extra to one of the e mag articles so creating stuff for that and waiting for it to dry.

It's actually very cold today so Perth winter must be on its way - I am sitting in the cold in the studio stitching in a hurry.

Harley is hiding snuggled into the pillows on our bed. That cat does not like rain and you have to actually push her out the door.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wonderful Wellie

I have cheated with my photo today - I didn't take it but we have been slogging away through days that vanish before our eyes. Get up early, eat breakfast, start work, phone rings, emails rock in, suddenly missed respectable lunch time and all of a sudden it is time to get that mail away to the postal centre. Air NZ was offering its 48 hour deals again so we booked to go see the All Blacks play the Wallabies in August as a treat. Just a long weekend. We may or may not go up the cable car to the Botanical Gardens but always good whatever we do. And always exciting to visit my favourite city in the world. Just sayin'

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 We have been back to our new favourite restaurant again - Ace Pizza - Ian tried the very decadent chocolate cake  for dessert and I had the Soft Serve - novelty presentation with biscuits etc to drop on the top and caramel or chocolate sauce to pour on - or both at once. I chose caramel as I can't do all that chocolate stuff. This time we tried a different pizza and meatballs. Same lovely waitress and just as good as the first time we went.

The Pages magazine arrived today - I ordered heaps more because many people missed out the last two times but I popped it on facebook and now we have only 5 left and that isn't counting me. Amazing sometimes but it is rather good.

Where did today go? not sure.....

Monday, May 27, 2013

lovely little pumpkins

Lots of wonderful colour at the vegie shop today. We are going to have little pumpkin with our roast veal tonight. If you look for colour and texture then the fruit and vegetable section has it all. Plus great to draw.

Busy and exciting day today as Ian starts tying the e-mag together. I have been reading and reading each article. He has still to add back links and stuff and unpdf so we can fix a few errors and then repdf it all and finish a little more and add a little more colour and then video me (not my happiest moment but I shall brush my hair)

I had to laugh today when I read a big promotional ad for another business - are we trendsetters here or cutting edge here - or just honest toilers? Who knows but it is always worth a laugh.

Off to cook that pumpkin and its pals.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Having fun with texture today - lots of stitch and yarn and paint

Last night was actually a fundraising ball - lovely evening meeting old and new friends - we were almost the only non Calabrians at the event but the food was atrocious. Indelible and I didn't - I would have thought an embarrassment to all the wonderful Italian nonnas - shan't mention who the caterer was.

Martien van Zuilen has accepted my invite to be guest textile artist for day one of the best craft show in Perth first weekend in August. Check the show tag at the top of the page. She is a fantastic felt maker well worth coming to see.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I do love finding things

I am busy making samples for my free pdf which you get when you subscribe to the e-mag 9nearly there honest) and I have been fossicking around in baskets of stuff and came across this missing treasure - it is a piece of my various Aussie leaves I have been looking for for ages. Leaves stitched on Romeo with fibre and thread and painted leaves on Romeo. I am a simple soul and easily happy when I find something.

Thanks for all the advice om fixing my shoes. The rubber on the bottom is totally rotten and crumbled but I am looking at them.

Loved the rugby last night - Chiefs vs Crusaders - it was an exciting game. Then we went out for a lovely night with John and Judy from Punch with Judy - it's nice catching up with people. Tonight we are off to the Italian Club for a dinner dance with Frank and Grace - after the Blues vs Brumbies game of course. Will have to record the Force vs Highlanders - wonder which cellar dweller will win?

Friday, May 24, 2013


These are my velvet red shoes bought about 15 years ago - so lovely. I was in the Merivale Mall in ChCh talking to Ian on the phone (he was home in Perth) and I saw them in the window of a shop so I truncated my call and bought them.

But alas I popped them on last night and they felt strange - the soles have rotted away. Quel tragedie!

Harley has discovered a new spot - outside the kitchen window looking in at us

Thursday, May 23, 2013

nearly forgot!

I nearly forgot my picture posting tonight - Perth skyline - some lovely sunsets from our front garden at present. Makes a change from the sex workers - Smith Street was on the news the other night with our ladies of the night and the curb crawlers. At least we should feel safe - the area is riddled with police and rangers.

 I have some new paints I am trying, They are like the Sun Dyes only thicker and there will be 30 of them when they arrive. Very pleased with the result. I shall also have at thickener which you can add and I am looking forward to using that too.

 Today I did a stint at the craft show on the WAFTA stand. I didn't see anything at the show which I needed not even a new light bulb for my embellisher. Fortunately when I got home I found one in the tray. So now I can see. I changed all of the needles - I think you need to now and then but I still cannot get the replacement screw to fit the middle needle spot. This little piece is hand dyed cotton gauze on white merino wool. I haven't decided which side I will use.

I took a few of my little hand stitchy pieces with me and they received lots of interest which is what it is all about.

Today we decided to and signed up to go to Adelaide for the Sewing Stitching and Hand Craft Show 19th - 21st July at the Adelaide Showground. Hope if you are in the environs you will come and see us with all of our lovely stuff. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work box Tuesday

Busy little box of materials I am using today

Two new books appeared and a few boxes of Quilting Arts - no rest today.

Monday, May 20, 2013

foodie dreaming

Last night we went to Ace Pizza which has just opened - in the spot where Barolo was - we have been watching the progress and waiting for it to open. Not your normal pizza place - it was fabulous. We had this pizza - baby blue eyes - not too big - lovely base - very tasty. And we had mussels with lemon and dill and they were to die for - well maybe not but they were great. And in had a tiramisu donut which he did not share and i had yummy fresh icecream. The place was buzzing and everyone very friendly - the boyrs from Cantina are spreading their wings but we are happy. The waitress gave us a list of interesting restaurants in Bondon - mostly in the east end for our next trip in October. We live in an area with loads of restaurants but too be honest, many are not worth bothering with but this one is.

As often on a Monday, we have been very busy - Sew Somerset and Art Quilting Studio both arrived together - not on the web yet but we managed to send them all out to their new homes. A few of each left over. I shall have a little indulgent read tonight.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


 We have lots of eucalyptus trees of differing sorts in our garden - you can tell it is our house because everything around is bare. this one has lovely nuts (and a yellow flower now finished) - the nuts fall on the footpath and drive and sometimes people collect them or they get squashed by the cars coming out of next door. For some reason they never seem to be in our garden.

 I used the stencils from yesterday to first do a gelli plate print with the Opulent paints and spray over the top with the Sun Dye paints. The metallic pigment from the Oppies gleams through.

and then I used the second stencil with Oppies and sponged paint through. All ready for stitching next. my background fabric is Evolon.

Ian has been slogging away goggle eyed at the computer so getting closer.... thanks for the many emails about my ankle. I think it is almost right now without ice or bandage.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

hot stuff

I have 6 different chilli plants growing and we have had so many chillies it's been great. they are supposed to be from mild to hot but they are all hot to very hot - someone told me the dry summer and the long summer has meant that they are hotter at present. Lovely they are - like the basil, I like to run my fingers over them and smell the heat. I have just made a curry for dinner with one of each type included.

 I have been playing with Dorlands Wax as a resist on different surfaces. At the top i have applied it with a scraper and then scratched into it - and painted with Opulence paint which is nice and creamy like and the bottom is the print I have pulled. Lots of potential - we sell a lot of Dorlands wax but i haven't used it a lot myself and wanted to play with it.

I am also working on the free pdf which will be available to all subscribers to our e mag - yes getting closer - so I cannot show you what I am doing but I treated myself the very large gelli plate and am so pleased because it gives you plenty of space for bigger things. I have been playing with two of the new stencils from Stencil Girl - both designed by the talented Jane La Fazio

both very appropriate in Australia on a property where many eucalyptus trees grow. I have been making prints on different surfaces including Evolon because I love working with it and I plan to stitch etc etc.

We managed to watch the rugby without a fight even though the Hurricanes lost and later on the force lost - we didn't go to the game though - watched it at home on the telly.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Frantic Friday

 Frantic Friday means things moving fast - packaging lovely hand dyed silk cocoons so lots of colour on my work bench.then we picked up our new car and returned the hire car. four weeks last night since our car was killed and four weeks of a hire car. This little silver/grey town car looks happy outside the house. But all of that seems to waste a morning. ANd lots of rugby for the viewing today - my team versus his team. mmmmmm......

4 lovely new stencils - pods - can see I will use these before too long. I have been playing with Dorlands Wax as a resist so more to explore. Lots of ideas to play with. My rolled ankle is driving me nuts becasue I cannot find anywhere comfortable to put my foot....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

what am I working on?

It might look like it is debris  in the forest but no - in my studio - I am working on a very large piece of work - for me anyway because I rarely work large so I shall enjoy watching it grow.

Just not sure where each day goes - we were supposed to go get the new car this afternoon but somehow we missed that so tomorrow morning instead.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

stills feel a little like summer

In which case we are going to have a bbq tonight

 Our front garden needs cleaning and weeding and some replanting but this little gem is flowering

 As always lots of excitements here - three new Opulent paints - I have had my samples since whenever but these finally rocked up. Hopefully on the web tomorrow - along with Studios magazine and yesterday Somerset Studio arrived as well. I packaged mountains of Maori carded wool but the pile is still big - another day I feel. Our parcel from Paper Artsy finally arrived after nearly a month - good old useless parcel service - the delivery man kind threw it at me.

While I was in the studio still cleaning my stencils - I thought I would throw a little paint through this one. There is another jar of beautiful colour which I did not get but I always ever hopeful.

Ian has spent a lot of time today buying a new car - another little town car but this time we are back to 5 doors so no-one will have to climb into the back! We will get it on Thursday so one last day with the hire car. He beat them down as much as he could but was disappointed with losing a bit of the battle.

i have started a large piece of work - Secrets of the Labyrinth - for the WAFTA exhibition - my embellisher working overtime and the light died. And loads of hand stitch to come.

E -mag is falling into place although nothing today but I am working on a special pdf which will be available free to all subscribers. As soon as we feel it is ready it will be on the website but certainly getting closer. New skills we are learning.

Off to light the bbq but time to pop on a jersey. I tripped down the front steps this morning and twisted my ankle silly me. Hobble hobble

Monday, May 13, 2013

caged in and a little texture

Caged bird? Actually, the house on the corner is what we would call the junk yard house. A very nice lady used to live there before her son-in-law threw her out so no idea where she went. It was a bit of a junk yard before he moved in but now far far worse. Put your junk out and he collects it. I am not tall enough to look over the fence but Grant is and he assured me it wasn't worth my while popping up a ladder in order to see for myself. This is his front yard but let me assure you that there is junk everywhere.

Playing with sari ribbon and Le Scrunch to texture up some woven ribbon. Great result. I like to weave and I like to weave sari ribbon so there you are.

Ian has the exciting task of finding another car. We are not great shoppers.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Bolts of embossed kunin felt waiting for someone (ME) to get cutting and rolling

Beautiful day today but always things to do and to be honest, best to stay far away from anywhere on Mother's Day - a day when you see mothers dragged out for lunch - given bunches of flowers or things the newspaper ads push - and sulky teenagers being forced to lunch as well.Not all, of course, but many times witnessed.  Best ignored. I am planning a bit of stitching instead.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

a win and no junk

 Today's photo - if only the junk people would take notice.for us - every time we pop a no junk mail sign on our letter box, some charming soul (maybe the one who breaks the branches off the poor wee tree trying to grow on the verge) manages to get it off.

 And such excitement over night - the Hurricanes had a great win in South Africa - shoudl have recorded the game but the video replays have had to suffice.

Busy day today - lots of pictures to add in articles and things more to write. ANd a cuople of rugby games to watch as well.

Friday, May 10, 2013

sitting or bathing?

 Two photos today out on my walk - a sofa to sit on in the rain on an empty building site

or a bath full of herbs?

Where has the day gone? And jobs are not yet finished and I haven't even ventured into the studio.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Basil and the sausage situation

 Basil - my favourite herb and this year we have had a bumper crop - the best ever and even though it is May, there is still loads left on the bushes - today I shall make a couple more lots of pesto for the freezer. I love this herb and often run my fingers through it when we sit up in our little garden with our glass of wine in the evening discussing the activities of the world....

The sausage situation you ask. Well, it is something which amuses us whenever we come across one. Many years ago, when the boys were tiny, and I was not much older, Ian spent a year at Teachers' College and in the school holidays to help the coffers, he worked in the Coles or Woollies or Four Square or whatever it was in the Johnsonville Mall, in the butchery department (is that what you would call it?), behind the counter, serving. I took the boys up so they could wave to daddy - lucky daddy. The bloke who ran the butchery department had the offer to buy sausages - lots of them - and maybe he saw this as his opportunity to rise up the company ladder and make a huge profit or something. Anyway the sausage special for the week failed miserably and Ian reported that there were sausages everywhere at the end of the week. So I guess the butchery bloke panicked a little and came up with that wonderful solution - 'folks, the sausage special last week was so very popular that we have managed to get more'. From that day on, we always have a laugh when we hear businesses offering their special deal for a second week because it was so very popular and some customers were distressed to miss out. You sure learn things as you grow up. Thank goodness Ian had a wee sojourn in the butchery department or I might never have become so suspicious......

 Not a great deal of time to audition my hand painted openweave fabric but as I love twin needling I did just that - 50cm x 50cm is quite a bit of twin needling especially when the light bulb goes. I have not quite decided what next but in true Dale style I may cut it up - or again - I may not. The silver paint (Opulent Argeant) was stencilled through with the new Picket Fence stencil.

We loads of wonderful stencils just arrived from Stencil Girl - I have only allowed myself one at this point in time but they are all great. Have a look at them if you like stencils. We have so many it is hard to keep up sometimes. But i love using them with the gelli plate - with paints - with Shiva stiks - with my Moonglow Sprays.

Last night we went to the ACO - what a fabulous evening - music of the Weimer Caberet with Barry Humphries and Meow Meow and of course the ACO - it was packed and it was outstanding. Barry Humphries is to be commended for introducing these composers to the world.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

rain rain and more rain we hope

Today's photo -  I love these trees - we have loads around where we live - these ones are at the back of the stadium.

 Our little hire car about to enter its 4th week in our possession. Celebrated last night as Ian finally got the best possible price for the ha ha car by persistence. Our boys have life memories of long winded lectures from their father which Grant assures me he uses himself so the era will live on. These young guys at the end of the phone probably only have the one experience with Ian but will remember it all for a long time. Frank, our garage owner friend, is most impressed with the outcome. Now comes the boring part of car shopping - the 4th since 1978 when we came to Australia.

Rain we have had lots since late yesterday - lovely stuff indeed. Ian spent the afternoon on the roof clearing the gutters. Supposed to be a storm but we only had rain here. This morning the traffic was incredible and no doubt there were accidents as well. Down nearer town there was a collision and one car ended upside down. I nearly got wiped off the street by a car running a stop sign. Just as well this no birds car has good brakes.

The largest size of the gelli plates have arrived and i have ordered another case already. I am thinking i might use it myself. I thought it would be too big but maybe not.

I am auditioning (this seems to be the trendy new word for trying out) one of the new Stencil Girl Stencils (be on the web later today - lovely big ones) on the gelli plate with Opulent paints on my new hand painted open weave fabric(which I am also auditioning). Then I shall stamp and stuff and stitch in the next hour.

Harley hates the rain and is in her hide where I can with my back to the door mood.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

contemplating or bored?

I think I would get bored sitting around in the garden all day. But that is just me.

On the other hand we are pretty busy as the e-mag gets closer to being a real thing. Keep watching this space.

My on The Surface Studio workshop is half full if there are any more takers. 18th May 9.30 to 3.30 - busy day - no stress - lots of play. Just get in touch.

Monday, May 06, 2013

If trees could talk

There are lots of old trees around Highgate - this one is in Hyde Park - think of the stories they could tell you if they could talk.


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