Monday, May 20, 2013

foodie dreaming

Last night we went to Ace Pizza which has just opened - in the spot where Barolo was - we have been watching the progress and waiting for it to open. Not your normal pizza place - it was fabulous. We had this pizza - baby blue eyes - not too big - lovely base - very tasty. And we had mussels with lemon and dill and they were to die for - well maybe not but they were great. And in had a tiramisu donut which he did not share and i had yummy fresh icecream. The place was buzzing and everyone very friendly - the boyrs from Cantina are spreading their wings but we are happy. The waitress gave us a list of interesting restaurants in Bondon - mostly in the east end for our next trip in October. We live in an area with loads of restaurants but too be honest, many are not worth bothering with but this one is.

As often on a Monday, we have been very busy - Sew Somerset and Art Quilting Studio both arrived together - not on the web yet but we managed to send them all out to their new homes. A few of each left over. I shall have a little indulgent read tonight.

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Heather said...

The pizza looks excellent and I don't blame Ian for not sharing his tiramisu donut!
I'd never get anything done if I had to read through all those magazines, but you have to make sure they are suitable for your customers!


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