Saturday, May 25, 2013

I do love finding things

I am busy making samples for my free pdf which you get when you subscribe to the e-mag 9nearly there honest) and I have been fossicking around in baskets of stuff and came across this missing treasure - it is a piece of my various Aussie leaves I have been looking for for ages. Leaves stitched on Romeo with fibre and thread and painted leaves on Romeo. I am a simple soul and easily happy when I find something.

Thanks for all the advice om fixing my shoes. The rubber on the bottom is totally rotten and crumbled but I am looking at them.

Loved the rugby last night - Chiefs vs Crusaders - it was an exciting game. Then we went out for a lovely night with John and Judy from Punch with Judy - it's nice catching up with people. Tonight we are off to the Italian Club for a dinner dance with Frank and Grace - after the Blues vs Brumbies game of course. Will have to record the Force vs Highlanders - wonder which cellar dweller will win?

1 comment:

Heather said...

Beautiful colours and textures in this leafy piece. It's lovely when a missing thing turns up again, isn't it?


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