Sunday, May 19, 2013


 We have lots of eucalyptus trees of differing sorts in our garden - you can tell it is our house because everything around is bare. this one has lovely nuts (and a yellow flower now finished) - the nuts fall on the footpath and drive and sometimes people collect them or they get squashed by the cars coming out of next door. For some reason they never seem to be in our garden.

 I used the stencils from yesterday to first do a gelli plate print with the Opulent paints and spray over the top with the Sun Dye paints. The metallic pigment from the Oppies gleams through.

and then I used the second stencil with Oppies and sponged paint through. All ready for stitching next. my background fabric is Evolon.

Ian has been slogging away goggle eyed at the computer so getting closer.... thanks for the many emails about my ankle. I think it is almost right now without ice or bandage.

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Heather said...

Glad your ankle is better. Love the gelli/stencil prints and those eucalyptus flowers look almost foxglove shaped, or were they the seeds?


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