Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The day after

Thank you for all the hundreds of birthday greetings - I had a lovely day but then we have had a lovely relaxing time with only one day to go. We must have been tired because we slept for 12 hours the first night.

Not many people here so have the pool almost to ourselves so pop in for dip, pop out to read and on and on.

We went to look for the dinosaur footprints but the tide is not low enough - try again next time.
We have eaten out a couple of times at Little India and 18 Degrees but decided to cook on the Weber Q - eventually we will buy ourselves one of these - brilliant says Ian. Plus Elderton's Sparkling Burgundy which I love while we enjoyed two great rugby games - the Chiefs won - a bit scarey - and go the Force - all those wins on the trot.

Ian gave me this for my birthday - I wasn't expecting anything first because I am here and second we are off to Nigel Kennedy on 29th.

I have done a minimal amount of work but loads of thinking - writing - planning. I have stitched this background of one of my stitched pieces.

Sprayed up a treat on a Broome newspaper.

Stitched started for an article due soon.

The view from our our outdoor bathroom. This morning we are off to discuss the idea of our Broome Artistic Retreat - yes - a a two or maybe three day retreat in 2016 or perhaps 2015 - if you want to be the first to know when we have details just email me - absolutely no commitment.

One more day and then back to work.

Monday, April 14, 2014


First time Blogspot has let me down - we are off back to Perth today and I will post back home. Severe reprimand to blogspot

- posted by Dale

Location:Murray Road,Cable Beach,Australia

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Off once again

Okay - it's time for an April break so tomorrow we are off to Broome for a few days - on one of the days there will be a dreaded birthday but as someone pointed out - it's better to have another birthday than for them to stop. I floated an idea on Facebook today which will give me something to work on while are there.

In the meantime I have been pottering - a little Paris page

Another Paris page - I am enjoying playing with different texture and different things with image and text.

Another Marrakesh page with text and image and combination of cloth and paper.

The start of a Marrakesh page - as you can see I do love my sprays - can you see the mica? Needs stitch and more but I am finding if I work up a few pages I can come back to them - they are like paintings.

Last week we went to A Streetcar Named Desire - fabulous it was. We couldn't work out when we saw it last but so pertinent for today. However having watched Blue Jasmine on the last plane trip I did think Woody Allen may have got most of his ideas from here.... Afterwards we went to Pleased to meet You - really love this little restaurant/bar on Roe Street

So - see you in Broome.


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