Sunday, January 31, 2016

1 month down

 Just in the nick of time I got my last 2 summer stitchings finished - I didn't think I would get that far so I am quite impressed with myself. They don't look much but you cup fabric and weave it and stitch it all - that takes time.

The last one I used all my thread scraps and tiny fabric scraps and made a heart - it got a bit swamped and messy but it proved my point to use up all the bits. Anyway now I can get ready for February's personal challenge which is going to be rather different indeed and quite experimental as I work out what I am doing as I go along. I have an idea in my head but nothing else.

We are working on our waterlily garden - well Ian is digging out and levelling up - we bought this glorious pot -     after spending ages at one place the past two weekends we moved to another nursery and decided we liked the stone better

and we got two smaller ones to match - moved the native iris to several other spots and we will see it is survives - it has wonderful flowers - the waterlily on the right back has flowered in anticipation. It will be lovely once it is all done.

I am working on a bowl - here it is drying upside down - waiting to see if it worked and then I will remove it from the mould.

Harley sitting in her box which is about half her size and full of a lovely hand dyed piece of wool and a big bag of sequins I have discovered. You never know.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Still tonking along

Thus is another photo of 21 Ferrar Street in better days - Ian's parents were visiting and it looks like two kiddies got brand new watches - how could you tell?

I gave made a few more if my precious memory pages - my printer is misbehaving once again - this is my dad - I collected his birth certificate this week. Trying different methods so everything isn't the same - once I have 20 finished I will start on the backs

And I finished my Summer stitching #7 - three to go before the end of January - looking a little scarey so better get going faster

Booked a few airplanes lately - off to NZ to annoy everyone and off to Melbourne to do a workshop in June but most importantly, off to Toronto in May to teach. So exciting.

Urban puss has a new garden spot - I think she thinks the birds might not notice her but they are far too smart

We have been looking at pots for our new garden feature for the waterlilies- but now not these ones but three others

The Virtual Verandah has been keeping me very busy this week and I am even improving with my newsletter writing etc.

Here's my new chillie plant - just couldn't resist another

Saturday, January 16, 2016

In the garden

It's been hot indoors but apart from the Glory game - lovely and peaceful outside tonight - looking up at the trees so tall and gentle

With their herbal surrounds

Who would be so nasty as to want to murder one with giant drill holes and poison? But we persevere and if you look up you can see the new wooly growth apparently pushing the poison out. The big lower branch is very much alive and well with lots of lovely leaves. The part I like best are the dead branches which fall on the other side of the fence from where the attempted murder happened

Lots of little birds - they love the waterlilies for their water

Drinks and dips

Just caught him in action

Friday, January 15, 2016

Precious Memories

Finally, after a long period of research and stuff, I thought I had better get creating. All this gathering of family research takes up a lot of time. However instead of starting with a grannie, I decided to hone in on my dad - he was a bit of a lad as far as everyone has said - the Dustin boys liked their sport and my dad was a rower - I think this was his rowing jacket - there are a few photos of him wearing this one

And this is my Grannie Ethel who died the year I was born - photos like these are treasures

Oh well - many more to come

Thursday, January 14, 2016

21 Ferrar Street

They always say you should never go back. We lived here from 1978 to 1992 - it was an okay house and we did a reasonable amount of work and especially outside. Grant took this photo 1 jan 2015
I haven't been past for ages and ages

But this is it today - poor house and poor property. I think the real estate agent told the new owners they could demolish. But Mt Lawley Historical Society has it on their books - cannot not imagine why

All the beautiful garden and hard work- I used to garden early in the mornings before I went to school

That was once a swimming pool and beautiful back garden full of trees and plants and shade

And lawn and garden and trees and a beautiful BBQ of course - on the bottom left of Ian's super BBQ structure

The back - yikes

The front verandah

The side where we had a carport and a bore put in on a great day with friends - plenty of stories there

And despite all, the silly little letterbox still stands - I was wary of snails then. Wonder what is in it now?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Preparation preparation

Been a busy and hot few days with producing a new look newsletter and getting through the Virtual Verandah sales and it has been very hot.

Last night Grant and Hannah and Deborah and Dave came for a lovely evening - Grant and Hannah flew back to Sydney today - been lovely seeing them both - I found great uncle Spencer's fob watch for Grant

Starting printing some images of my dad for to use - I need some ticking which is on its way - these are TAP on tissutex - hope to get a moment to work more tomorrow

And sad - Vale to my sister-in-law Jill and love to Ross

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hot hot Thursday

It's been 42 degrees today - woo hoo - mostly we have hidden indoors although I had to go visit the warehouse - call it quick in and quick out - had to scale a few shelves though to find what I wanted.
Looking through my photos I came across this beautiful piece made by my friend Yulia Badian which was on display at Ally Pally a few years back. Don't you love the colour? and the texture. We always enjoyed being opposite Yulia at the show.

Tonight we went to Fish Called Inglewood - it's a great fish restaurant - I indulged in 2 oysters

And we had divine snapper and chips

Been flat out with our Virtual Verandah and trying to work through the new newsletter layout. It's probably really easy but I hate reading instructions and expect these things to just do it.

This is my Christmas book - so far really good

Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Busy today but checking on my garden - hot chillies

Basil and chillies

Basil - love it so loads

Lemon grass basil and sage

Parsley and chives

Rosemary and ginger

My favourite curry tree - somehow I have three

Monday, January 04, 2016

back to the earth or the sea

My mother Rose reclining by the sea somewhere a long time ago before I was around'

some shells I collected in the Coromandel this year - you never know what is in my handbag but they are great for drawing - casting - making print blocks etc and nice to have in the garden

part of my little shell collection with a few stones - always collect stones

and stitching growing once more.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

sunday sunday

We went down to South Perth Yacht Club to watch the invitation races for the Moth Champs.  Here is Grant going out to the start - two invitation races - 55 yachts - and a 20th and a 13th - pretty good effort

 Heading off - these little dinghies go very fast - it was also very very hot and we couldn't see anything much and need to note a few identification points - so we truncated our visit and will check back tomorrow when hopefully it won't be quite as hot. The water was very tempting.

 Of course, sailing clubs are great places for rusty stuff and I couldn't resist a few photos

 this one looks like lichen

and these two just appealed. Maybe I might try some rubbings another day.

 Inspired to check out a little rubbing on Tissutex

plus a little stitching

in our garden.

And yes, Heather, I guess Ian might look a little like his great uncle Spencer - he does have his name tucked in there somewhere! As far as I can work out, he was a bit of a character.


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