Thursday, January 14, 2016

21 Ferrar Street

They always say you should never go back. We lived here from 1978 to 1992 - it was an okay house and we did a reasonable amount of work and especially outside. Grant took this photo 1 jan 2015
I haven't been past for ages and ages

But this is it today - poor house and poor property. I think the real estate agent told the new owners they could demolish. But Mt Lawley Historical Society has it on their books - cannot not imagine why

All the beautiful garden and hard work- I used to garden early in the mornings before I went to school

That was once a swimming pool and beautiful back garden full of trees and plants and shade

And lawn and garden and trees and a beautiful BBQ of course - on the bottom left of Ian's super BBQ structure

The back - yikes

The front verandah

The side where we had a carport and a bore put in on a great day with friends - plenty of stories there

And despite all, the silly little letterbox still stands - I was wary of snails then. Wonder what is in it now?


Heather said...

It must have been a lovely home during your time there. How sad that it has fallen into such disrepair. I always wonder why this is allowed to happen - why the owners who can't or won't maintain it, don't just sell it to someone who would. Just enjoy your happy memories of the time you loved it.

Robin Mac said...

How sad - I agree you should never go back, or have to watch from next door when new owners brought in a backhoe and demolished every last skeric of the beautiful garden, even to the extent of removing the first couple of inches of the topsoil! Then they installed masses of concrete driveways, and eventually some turf was laid. The 'landscaping' was finished with a few boring cordylines around the perimeter. No trees so no shade and very hot!


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