Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grouse Mountain

 Ian again - I got it wrong - not a ferry but at Canada Place where we caught the shuttle bus to Grouse Mountain. most impressed with Canada Place - eat your heart out Perth - maybe a junket trip to see something good - especially the exhibition centre....

 Up on Grouse Mountain - yes - snow...

 Looking back to Vancouver - the view was spectacular

that water is not from me by the way

a couple of tiny videos because I was playing and someone other than me was scared of the trip up and down- just one because blogger doesn't want to let me load the other one - maybe tomorrow

Phyllis - who was in my class but had to leave early on the last day to catch her ferry - sent me a couple of pics of her work - very nice they are

as I said before - they all created fabulous work.

We are getting up to date - still to send the QAs and only 3 Sew Somersets have arrived so I guess the rest must still be coming. We also have a number of Somerset Studios if anyone is interested. Jet lag arrived this morning so I have been up for a long time but I did get quite a few things done before 7am - I have added a new Taster - see the TAG above and also information about the WA Craft Show in August - I will add to this. Plus I have started writing the newsletter and have started organising the challenge to be on display at the show here in Perth. So watch this space and all the other spaces where we leave good words....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phew - we are back

 We had a good flight back and jet lag seems to have passed us by. Flew from Vancouver to LA and had a wee  rest in the Koru Club where they remembered us. Then very lucky to fly to Auckland on the black 777 for the second time. Another wee rest for a few hours and off to Perth.

 A pic of Ian on a ferry - lovely weather we enjoyed athough I hear it has got cold again. I always take hot weather with me where-ever I go.

 We spotted this guy in Downtown Vancouver when we were off to catch the bus to Grouse Mountain.

 He is a bit taller than Ian.

Today has been magazine day - Pages - Stitch - Quilting Arts - Art Quilting Studio - Sew Somerset - Somerset Studio and a few other Stampington mags - and the new Moonglow Sprays - the 5 new flat ones - can't wait to play with them - and a heap of the Tsukeniko all purpose inks stations. I think that is all but I have proabably missed something. Some of the mags went out today - the rest will go tomorrow along with the balance of the orders from today.  

Now I am off to cook one of our favourite curries to have with a glass of wine and a sit down and look at some of these magazines!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farewell to BC

This is the view from our 32nd floor room - yesterday we went up Grouse Mountain but the photos are on my i- phone and too hard but it was fabulous and snow as well. Great views of Vancouver and surrounds. We have had a wonderful time in BC and loved it all - when you go somewhere new you are never sure what it will be like but here we have loved everything we have seen and everyone has been so friendly - not a grumpy bus driver in sight....
I have to thank those lovelies who organized for me to be invited and my whole class - here is some more work and I am sorry I am muddled about whose is whose

Might be Pat

Shirley's - love to see how it finishes up

Lots of lovely silk rods

Think about it - it is amazing how a few simple paper napkins can kick start your artful journey.......
Next stop LA but fingers crossed for the black 777..

Ps fantabulous win to the Hurricanes -

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A day in Vancouver

Yesterday we visited the Butchard Gardens which we loved. If we lived here we would buy a year ticket so we could visit whenever we liked. Then we caught the ferry to Vancouver where we have one full day and some left before our long track back home.

Snap happy with photos but o so lovely - loved the Japanese Garden and the whole concept - places like this are just so inspiring and the pleasure you see on people's faces tell it all.

Off to explore Vancouver but a wee bit more student work for you to enjoy

I have got muddled now but it may be Ann's?



The class has given me lots of new ideas and that is the pleasure of teaching and sharing. I love working with layers and ideas and have worked with fabulous teachers myself in the past who have encouraged me to develop my own art and not to just plonk product on product and pretend it is art.

Lecture over

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More exploring in BC

Today we went to Salt Spring Island on the ferry - so easy and much busier than I thought it would be.

Ian forgot his camera and only a couple of I- pd pics but we loved it and drove all over plus had lovely fresh halibut and chips at the Seafood Restaurant at Vesuvius

Tomorrow after the gardens we are off on the ferry to Vancouver. Time is going too fast.

Some more work - this is Ellen's

And some more

And Jennie's

And Joyce

And Sue

And Leanne who created a wonderful book of her journey

Some of the pages

And her friend whose name has slipped my memory tonight I am sorry to say

That's about half the class for now.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bliss bliss

Yesterday we drove up to Torfino - fabulous drive through the forest etc - we stopped or a coffee just north of Victoria and came upon a yarn shop so of course I just had to buy a heap of yarn.....

We drove into the Pacific Sands resort and decided to stay - this was the room from our bed - what a fabulous spot

Love west coast beaches

Lots of surfers around as well

Could easily have styled another night

Went into Tofino for breakfast - great spot and lots of islands

We went for a walk in the forest to check out the Douglas Firs

Still got lots more work to share but it is rather late - we have been out to dinner

Monday, May 21, 2012

End of a fabulous four days

I have had a wonderful four days of teaching and my class has produced some superb work - many have pushed themselves way out of their comfort zone and tried lots of new experiences. I have lots of pictures to show

This was Lyn's - love High Tech

Diane - this page has given me heaps of ideas for my own work - something so simple

Also Diane - I think she pushed her boundaries and enjoyed it too....

Andrea was busy all day trying new things

And here

Joy had lots of fun as well trying new ideas

Brenda did some wonderful work

And here are most of us - a couple had to run off early - my geography of Canada has improved.

Show you some more tomorrow - we are off to eat and relax


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