Sunday, May 13, 2012

hiddee hoddee off to Canada we go

 Today is the day we go to Canada - catch a flight to Auckland at 7.20pm - arrive at 5.50am - have a leisurely lunch in downtown Auckland and a snooze and relax in the Koru Club - fly to LA at 7.40pm  - arrive same day at 12.55pm - fly to Vancouver at 10.43pm and cross fingers we get on our flight to Victoria an hour later. Otherwise Tuesday morning. Ian assures me is about 40 hours. Fortunately our box is safely in a garage waiting for us but not without angst and UPS - useless parcel service - showing their true colours.  Above is Harley's cat door - perspex - she could go out but never work out how to get in except that another cat did.

 So we bought her this one which reads her micro chip - she can get out but is so fat that coming in has not been easy. Only once and that is when we pushed her.

 Ian has created a platform so the next time we pushed her she made it safely. I have no doubt that she will find it handy when we are gone. Cats are independent and smart.

 Here she is pretending she can't see me because she has seen the suitcases. All we have to do with the suitcases is to work out how to get everything inside them and zip them up. Ian has gone off to post all the parcels - yes - posting on Sunday but as we will be away until 28th it was not really a bother.

Jacinta sent some lovely packs for me to squeeze into the suitcases as well.  They are collections of hand dyed fabrics - with eucalyptus leaves. Haven't many but they are lovely. Wonder if they will like them in Canada?

 This is the front side - each if different but all so lovely.

 We have also been busy adding a few things to the web for you to look at while we are away - this is mul-tex - a very interesting fabric - mulberry paper on one side and laminated on the other.

 This is Decovil which is a fusible leather like fabric from the makers of Lutradur and Evolon. Haven't done a great more than feel it and cut it up at this stage.

 and then Ian loaded our hand dyed by Jacinta - wool blanket rolls - they look so lovely in the basket and I realised they were not on the web. If you know our colour themes you will recognise some of them in here.

While we are away Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES will arrive - just email me if you want to be on the list - loads coming but many names on the list already. So many people missed out last year. We will post them as soon as we are back. I have a book featured inside the pages somewhere.

When we are in Victoria we plan to visit the Butchart Gardens - have heard they are beautiful. Looking forward to everything though and feel so privileged to have been asked to teach. I hope the class enjoys it all. Also hoping to post to my blog while we are away and to facebook if I can manage - don't forget to go over and visit and like us - we are nearly at 1600 now - so exciting.

Don't forget to check the SAQA Oceania Studio Blog Hop - it is Beth Miller's today and you can see the full list on my tag above. 

Okay - off to pack those suitcases and then watch the Chiefs play the Reds. Fabulous win for the Hurricanes yesterday. They are doing so well. You can bet we will be following them while we are away - one i-pad each and my i-phone should do the trick....


Lexa said...

Yes I love the hand dyes with the leaves!! Love to take you round Butchart's, it's near where I live. Glad you are flying all those hours to come to teach. Can't wait.

Doreen G said...

Have a fabulous time you two and remember if you make a disgrace of yourselves tell them you are Kiwis but if you are truly fabulous tell them you are Aussies.
Travel safely and come home soon.

Ann said...

Yes please to the hand dyed fabric! So excited for you to come here. I can't imagine you disgracing yourself, but just tell all that you picked it up from Canadians. Bed will be ready in case you want to sleep here 1st night.

Anonymous said...

We visited the Butchart Gardens years ago on a trip to the Pacific NW - absolutely stunning. Have a great trip.

Heather said...

Like me, Harley needs more exercise then she'll cope with her very swish new cat door!
The new products all sound great and I want ALL the blanket rolls!!
Hope you get to visit those beautiful gardens. Have a good journey and a great time. I'm sure everyone will love your classes.

Ursula Clamer said...

I hope you both have a wonderful time away. Travel Safe.


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