Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farewell to BC

This is the view from our 32nd floor room - yesterday we went up Grouse Mountain but the photos are on my i- phone and too hard but it was fabulous and snow as well. Great views of Vancouver and surrounds. We have had a wonderful time in BC and loved it all - when you go somewhere new you are never sure what it will be like but here we have loved everything we have seen and everyone has been so friendly - not a grumpy bus driver in sight....
I have to thank those lovelies who organized for me to be invited and my whole class - here is some more work and I am sorry I am muddled about whose is whose

Might be Pat

Shirley's - love to see how it finishes up

Lots of lovely silk rods

Think about it - it is amazing how a few simple paper napkins can kick start your artful journey.......
Next stop LA but fingers crossed for the black 777..

Ps fantabulous win to the Hurricanes -


Julie said...

Inspired work from your students Dale. Hope you have a good transfer to LA.

Heather said...

Lovely work from your students Dale. It's always fascinating to see the many different styles which emerge from a workshop.
Hope you have a good journey to LA.


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