Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Goodbye to Le Jujubier in Menerbes

And off to Paris in the tgv Went up here perhaps for dinner but it is very touristy - went into one place and he sent us upstairs to a totally non ambiency spot so we left and ended up in good spot further down - I had a crayfish entree which was actually prawns but it was very good

This year there are loads of meringue and likewise but here was an overkill of chocolate - best to look!

Loved the scallops

Always find an interesting street or two in Paris

And some street art

Interesting shoes - these a darker shade of red with a cameo on the toe

Today we walked heaps and visited the Picasso - fantastic - recommend it to anyone who might not have been

Some knitted street art
Tomorrow back to London

Monday, October 19, 2015

Last day in Provence

It was our last day in Le Luberon today and we had planned a walked in the cedar forest but although we drove up it was too foggy and no doubt I would have fallen off the edge so we came back to watch the two rugby games to find the Tv in melt down so had to contend with our computers. Then we went to L'Arome in Bonnieux - this is the third time we have been there - all the restaurants have been fabulous but this may have been the best - Ian had lamb and I had slow cooked pork with poached fig and more

We sat at this table last visit with the same wonderful painting on the wall

For lunch we bought these but never again - pastry wrapped with meringue - too indulgent and I could not finish mine

But now we are packed and off to catch the train to Paris for two days - and yes - we have double and triple checked the departure time

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Patchwork and rugby in Provence

We went to the patchwork exposition in Pernes-Les-Fontaines - first time I have seen any textile stuff on a visit here - it was very traditional in my eyes but then I don't do this sort of work. It was their opening and we had some curious locals looking at us as we made our way around - they may have thought we had come for the food - but we explained we were en vacance and they were friendly enough

By the way - eat you heart out water misers (don't give me a lecture) - love the shower here

Wonderful display at the musee at the top of Menerbes

Then we drove to Gault for a bite of lunch - it's a lovely spot and pretty busy on a Saturday - they were possibly all getting fortitude for the rugby

Lovely sunny day

Very healthy - we had salads

And mine

And then indulged - Ian couldn't resist the profiteroles which he said were great!

I made some silk paper colouring it with the red wine -

Actually the colour is more wine than pinky - apart from the smell I am very pleased with it - that is my rough sketch of Menerbes on the front

The highlight of the day? Mais oui - All Blacks vs Les Bleus - what a game and yes we thoroughly enjoyed it - we will just be back home in time for the semi final next week - but time has flown fast and only one day left in Provence

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bonnieux and Lacoste

We had a day closer to home - went to Bonnieux to the markets - it was freezing and I had a guy determined to sell me a scarf but I resisted because as you would know the sun came out and all was well

Love all the roof tiles in Provence

Lots of herbs and spices

And vegetables

And fruit and more

Some of our goodies for eating whilst the rugby is on - we have eaten the raspberries but have sausage and cheese to go and lavender honey for our morning bread

Wonderful seen in Bonnieux

And another - sadly another shop has changed - one where I had already bought most of the books mind you.

Next we visited Lacoste - interesting hill top village between Menerbes and Bonnieux

Love the cobblestones and then we drove up to the chateau

Turns out it was owned by the Marquis de Sade and he came here when he wasn't imprisoned or on the run

Modern art around the door - it was being restored for 30 years by a professor and when he died Pierre Cardin bought it and runs a festival every year - we wandered all around the village

In the afternoon we walked to the top of the village - checked out the vins - and the books - nothing new sadly

And then visited a couple of vineyards where I couldn't resist

A packet of paper napkins for my little paper book

My wine soaked fabric drying

And ironed
At night we went to probably the best restaurant - Le Fournil in Bonnieux - we have been before and it was once again superb- nice guys

Friday, October 16, 2015


Yesterday the pilot and the nav made it safely in and out of Marseille - it was interesting around the harbour

We had lunch

Mussels to share - very nice

I had sole

Ian had sea bass

We saw a roundabout - took one of those little train thingies around the old town and then drove back to Menerbes

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Out and about in Provence

New toys

Inside our little house

Yesterday we went to Orange - we were in 1992 but I don't remember more other than the theatre

It was pretty cold - the mistral has attacked

Nice with the sun out though

On the way back we went to Rousillon because I have bought beautiful bowls on two occasions and I wanted to see if they had any more but sadly that little shop has gone and been replaced by one with ubiquitous lavender bags and table cloths. Popped to the shop where I have bought wonderful pigments but decided I didn't need any more at the moment although their packaging and presentation is so much more appealing - instead I bought a box of lovely pastels

In Pernes Les Fontaines I saw this notice on a door - might try to get back - I have rarely seen anything textiley in this neck of the woods

Last night we went to a delightful restaurant Le Ptit Coins (I think) in Bonnieux

And all in the interests of art but don't worry - Ian wouldn't let me use good red wine - this was the cheapest bottle I could find


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