Sunday, October 18, 2015

Patchwork and rugby in Provence

We went to the patchwork exposition in Pernes-Les-Fontaines - first time I have seen any textile stuff on a visit here - it was very traditional in my eyes but then I don't do this sort of work. It was their opening and we had some curious locals looking at us as we made our way around - they may have thought we had come for the food - but we explained we were en vacance and they were friendly enough

By the way - eat you heart out water misers (don't give me a lecture) - love the shower here

Wonderful display at the musee at the top of Menerbes

Then we drove to Gault for a bite of lunch - it's a lovely spot and pretty busy on a Saturday - they were possibly all getting fortitude for the rugby

Lovely sunny day

Very healthy - we had salads

And mine

And then indulged - Ian couldn't resist the profiteroles which he said were great!

I made some silk paper colouring it with the red wine -

Actually the colour is more wine than pinky - apart from the smell I am very pleased with it - that is my rough sketch of Menerbes on the front

The highlight of the day? Mais oui - All Blacks vs Les Bleus - what a game and yes we thoroughly enjoyed it - we will just be back home in time for the semi final next week - but time has flown fast and only one day left in Provence

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Heather said...

Another fascinating post. I love France and I love your silk paper. Congratulations to the All Blacks - I think they'll get the cup and my nerves are relieved that England is out of the running!
Hope you have a good journey home.


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