Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bonnieux and Lacoste

We had a day closer to home - went to Bonnieux to the markets - it was freezing and I had a guy determined to sell me a scarf but I resisted because as you would know the sun came out and all was well

Love all the roof tiles in Provence

Lots of herbs and spices

And vegetables

And fruit and more

Some of our goodies for eating whilst the rugby is on - we have eaten the raspberries but have sausage and cheese to go and lavender honey for our morning bread

Wonderful seen in Bonnieux

And another - sadly another shop has changed - one where I had already bought most of the books mind you.

Next we visited Lacoste - interesting hill top village between Menerbes and Bonnieux

Love the cobblestones and then we drove up to the chateau

Turns out it was owned by the Marquis de Sade and he came here when he wasn't imprisoned or on the run

Modern art around the door - it was being restored for 30 years by a professor and when he died Pierre Cardin bought it and runs a festival every year - we wandered all around the village

In the afternoon we walked to the top of the village - checked out the vins - and the books - nothing new sadly

And then visited a couple of vineyards where I couldn't resist

A packet of paper napkins for my little paper book

My wine soaked fabric drying

And ironed
At night we went to probably the best restaurant - Le Fournil in Bonnieux - we have been before and it was once again superb- nice guys

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