Thursday, October 15, 2015

Out and about in Provence

New toys

Inside our little house

Yesterday we went to Orange - we were in 1992 but I don't remember more other than the theatre

It was pretty cold - the mistral has attacked

Nice with the sun out though

On the way back we went to Rousillon because I have bought beautiful bowls on two occasions and I wanted to see if they had any more but sadly that little shop has gone and been replaced by one with ubiquitous lavender bags and table cloths. Popped to the shop where I have bought wonderful pigments but decided I didn't need any more at the moment although their packaging and presentation is so much more appealing - instead I bought a box of lovely pastels

In Pernes Les Fontaines I saw this notice on a door - might try to get back - I have rarely seen anything textiley in this neck of the woods

Last night we went to a delightful restaurant Le Ptit Coins (I think) in Bonnieux

And all in the interests of art but don't worry - Ian wouldn't let me use good red wine - this was the cheapest bottle I could find

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Penny said...

Love the little bits of information.


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