Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to age 10 years

Up casual Monday morning to catch the train to Lille - Ian had showered and packed and I casually rose for a shower when he realised he was looking at the arrival time not the departure - train went at 8.55 and it was 7.55 with check in 30 mins before and we are in Kensington - forget the shower or anything - throw everything in suitcase and hope the clothes you pull out are actually what you might wear - and no shoes because thrown in Ian.s suitcase. Wonderful taxi driver got us there three mins late but no drama - not like flying Qantas. And having suitcases with us meant I could pop my shoes and socks on etc. hopefully the hotel will have my expensive hairbrush for me on return!

So finally relax and on the tgv to Avignon - picked up the hire car and off to Menerbes

Like coming home to Le Jujubier - this is our third time - such a beautiful town

Our rue

Looking out the window of our bedroom

Jujubier tree

Stitching in Provence - it is my aim to make three little books while I am here - this is my stitchy stitchy one but l left my gimp at home and while I bought some at ally pally I don't think it is as nice so that part may have to wait

Then we visited Sur le Sorgue after a decent sleep in - trauma remember - and wandered around - I bought some French linen

Lovely restaurant garden but no one around

Back at the end of the day


Heather said...

Panic stations! A real wake up call. Glad you made it on time and were able to relax in your beautiful wanderings. Love the stitchy stitchy book cover. Enjoy the rest of your stay in France and I hope you catch up with your hairbrush.

Jacky said...

So, what is a gimp Dale, and what do you do with it? Lovely country views.

Robbie said...

I could just imagine the 'rush'!! Couldn't stop laughing at you without shoes! Good for you only being 3 min. late!!!


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