Monday, October 12, 2015

Markets and rugby

On Saturday we went to market - first to Spittlefields which has changed a bit since our last visit when Grant was working at Bishopgate - spotted the Gerkhin

The markets are a lot more sophisticated now with eating places everywhere

Found myself some new socks - I was going to take a photo of the display but the chap was heaping abuse on someone else taking a photo - in fact most if the stall holders were agitated about photographers especially nest the art

I found Folgate St for Shelagh - didn't know her when we came this way years back

Next we got a bus to London Bridge to the Borough Markets - I thought it was so fabulous that Ian needed to see it and we spent ages roaming all around - it was packed

People everywhere

We ended up having fish n chips

And some more yummy Turkish delight -

And cheese from Sardinia which we shall take to France with us

Another section of the market - and then we popped into a pub and watched a bit of the Samoa Scotland game - if Samoa had won then Japan would have gone through but they ran out of puff

So we caught the tube back to Earls Court and watched the Aussie vs Wales game in a pub there - lots of happy Aussies at the end

Then back to our cosy room under the roof - our third suitcase is now filling up with purchases - we have had to remove central cores and roll stuff off cores but getting there

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Heather said...

Those markets look amazing. I wonder if the stall holders who didn't like photos being taken had acquired their stock from 'the back of a lorry'! Your choice of cheese looks very appetising.


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