Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Goodbye to Le Jujubier in Menerbes

And off to Paris in the tgv Went up here perhaps for dinner but it is very touristy - went into one place and he sent us upstairs to a totally non ambiency spot so we left and ended up in good spot further down - I had a crayfish entree which was actually prawns but it was very good

This year there are loads of meringue and likewise but here was an overkill of chocolate - best to look!

Loved the scallops

Always find an interesting street or two in Paris

And some street art

Interesting shoes - these a darker shade of red with a cameo on the toe

Today we walked heaps and visited the Picasso - fantastic - recommend it to anyone who might not have been

Some knitted street art
Tomorrow back to London


Heather said...

More fascinating photos. I specially like the first one - what a wonderful old corner to explore.

Amanda said...

Glad the Picasso is finally open! It's been still closed the past two times I've been to Paris, the delays were so annoying!

Unknown said...

Really marvelous photos. I don't even remember when I was to Paris for the last time. It was so long ago... I miss that time, though I've also photos and souvenirs from Paris, so I've something to look at and remember. Now I'm in Australia again after my last trip in September on the occasion of's removing office where I was invited as a guest. I can't say it's worth here, but still it's not France.


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