Friday, November 27, 2015

And where have I been?

It was my intention to write often once I got back from Europe but each day simply tonks away.

Of course - this was the biggest event in our calendar - he he - we enjoyed the games we watched in London and in France - our lovely friends in Menerbes made sure our tv was working and sent a text the morning after the AB vs France game and of course we came home and watched the fabulous final. You always worry until the last wee bit. How come the fans get so stressed? It's only a game she says.

I had great ideas of creating 3 little books whilst on holiday but at least I have finished my stitchy book - love weaving fabrics - this was a prefelt - flimsie and it took me all week in Menerbes to actually do the ground stitch - loads of running stitch but when I got back I added my favourite circles and some extras

For the skeptics - it is a magical memory book - no words but full of holiday memories - very tactile - words are in other places but memories remain in your head and are precious. I have the other two little books underway but just cluttering my work table at the moment.

We have been flat out since we got back - all sorts of reasons or no reasons - we decided last Thursday after the greedy Landlord of 15 years  got himself in a corner and thought to bribe us he would up the rent - to move warehouses - fast decision - we spent the weekend packing boxes although that gets very boring and half of our stuff doesn't suit nice neat boxes. The removalists who came on Tuesday were wonderful and 4 hours later we were done - we now have 2 storeroom spots but of course lots of sorting to do.

 so we started our packing - packing has to be one of the most boring things one can do and this place of course has no ventilation so our attention span is always low!

 this is one of our new spots - mine really - I thought I would be no use but actually it was good I was there - while I haven't unpacked I do know exactly where everything is in here

And this is Ian's space - loads and loads of full boxes - much more organisation needed here.
We have until 10th to get everything out of the other spot but there isn't that much left - the main object was to try not to bring much back home.

and the biggest excitement was that we won the Mayor's encouragement award for City of Vincent garden competition. This is what it says

The Mayor’s Encouragement Award went to Ian & Dale Rollerson of Smith Street in Highgate. Ian & Dale have a large Lemon Scented Gum in their backyard which was recently poisoned and subsequently looked very sick. They have spent considerable time and money in an attempt to keep this old majestic gum tree alive and we thank them for their ongoing effort and trust the tree will respond over time and continue to provide that valuable shade to cool the environment.

Isn't that just lovely? For those who ask often - the bottom branch of the tree is very healthy with new growth - the top ones are dead but the guys from Vincent when they came with our prize say that there is growth trying to get through the poison - we are very hopeful - it is a year since it was poisoned

Tonight we are off to NZ for our annual wee break. off to the Coromandel and to Whitianga where we haven't been before - i expect we will sleep all the way - it's been a busy busy week.

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Heather said...

I got stressed watching that rugby final and there wasn't an England player for miles! Love those little stitchy books and shame on greedy landlords. I daresay all is shipshape in the new warehouse by now. Congrats on the award for your tree care and enjoy your well earned break in NZ.


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