Thursday, December 31, 2015

Trip to NZ part 1

I am cross with myself because I intended to write far more often - I have been writing my blog since 2006 and see it as a historical thing as much as anything else

We flew to Auckland end of Nov for a little anniversary outing - 47 years - yikes - and headed to the Coromandel. Landed early after a Dreamliner it ain't flight - collected a hire car which had a faulty petrol gauge so after returning it we finally arrived in Thames - spent the morning at the Treasury where actually I had more info than they did but then trundled up the hill at the Shortland Street cemetery to find Ian's great great grandfather and mother - Elijah and Caroline - who came out from England to Auckland and then to Thames where they had a bakery in Karaka Street.

Next we found Ian's great grandfather and mother just in the next row up. I have spent lots of time chasing my family especially my grannies but someone needed to start on the Rollos - it's been fascinating and I should have it all in print sometime in 2016 - I knew there was something useful a about an arts degree - and having history as one of my 3 majors means I am an official nosey parker with a certificate to prove it

We stayed at a very nice place looking out onto the Firth of Thames

We needed a wine or two after all that research

Inside our motel

With a lovely big window

Good viewing

And a little friend appeared as well

And meant I had to stop my ironing of sari ribbon
Part two coming

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