Thursday, December 31, 2015

the end of 2015

4 blog posts in one day. And only 37  for the year - note to self - must do better. Researching all the family stuff makes me realise how valuable anecdotes are. I am loving collecting the info but if only I could get a bit more of the chat stuff.

Big news of course - Grant and Hannah got engaged - well a wee while back but they had their engagement party at Mounts Bar Sailing Club - lovely evening and so good to catch up with lots of kids we hadn't seen for years. - having spent many weekends at this club many years ago - it's a great spot too.

 I started these in NZ and had this crazy idea that I would make 10 of these little fun things of no consequence in Dec - I have managed 6 which is not too bad for me I guess. 4 for January

 A bit of fun - all about A6 size and woven backgrounds

 Woven sari ribbon - wool felt - hand dyed linen -

 running stitch with Eleganza Perle 8 to give some uniformity

all influenced by something

little motifs to feature

Made the pavlovas and liqueur ice cream once again for Christmas - well two of each actually.

We have been very busy indeed and of course the e-mag is not ready for Dec - Ian is beavering away with a new suggestion from Jacinta - let's see how it goes - but fear not - it will appear soon - I have one article to finish and actually waiting on someone else's- that means I may not be last.

Roll on 2016 tomorrow and may all our dreams come true



Heather said...

Congratulations to Grant and Hannah. Your little stitchy pieces are so delightful and that pavlova looks delicious. Happy New Year to all of you.

Jacky said...

Happy new year Dale and Ian. Love your little stitchy things too

Penny said...

Congratulations to the newly engaged. Have a great 2016.

Robin Mac said...

Congratulations to Grant and Hannah and a very happy new year to you and Ian.

Love your stitchy bits, makes me quite envious, but I just need to be thankful for all the things I can still do. Cheers


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