Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ooh - where has it gone?

 Where exactly has September gone to? I think someone actually stole a few of the days because it ends tonight. I have been rather busy I guess and in a week's time we will be off to London for Ally Pally - a day earlier we leave because in their wisdom, the new owners decided that not just a night opening, they would go for an extra day. Let's see how it translates. SO we do the usual - fly in on Tuesday very early - catch the blue line to Wood Green - hop off the train and lug the suitcases to the bus to Ally Pally - drag the suitcases up the hill and spend the day setting up - go to our digs in Crouch End - have some dinner - go to bed and get up in the morning and off to work. We are looking forward to it though. I have been finally making some thermofax screens - most of these are for my Artful Journey Club people but I will have a few at Ally Pally and they will get onto the web before too long.

Issue 6 of is out and thanks for the lovely response so far. I always have a good time with my articles - makes me think and play.

 One of the things I have found a wee bit of time for is to play with Kimberley Dreaming - I have taken my Flimsie and woven it.
 Then I have started stitching on the background - I did create some added texture using the embellisher but I want to stitch up the background before I start adding more goodies. I am hoping I might get all the ground stitching done - ha - before we go so I get a chance to add more fibres etc. I love the therapeutic rhythmic stitching. Plus it has given me some ideas for tiny 9 patch works but not quite yet.

And did I mention that Kimberley Dreaming - the Broome Retreat - is up on air - all the information is here - hope you can join us - it will be a fab weekend. I have so many ideas planned and in the head.

Plus Elizabeth Dubbelde from Berry Patchwork is organizing the Textile Art Prize and Exhibition to be displayed in Broome and in Berry and other places still to be decided. You don't have to be at the Retreat to participate but we would love to see your fabulous work

During the month I popped over to New Zealand once again - this time sadly for my brother Lewis' funeral. The nasty C word seems to spoil a lot of people's lives and I guess we had got quite close this past year - he and I were working away on the family tree. I didn't go to either of my parents funerals and made a fairly quick decision to go - Grant flew over from Sydney as well which was lovely. I am the youngest of our clan and Lewis was the first to die. It was good catching up with some of the cousins - the ones who came. I put quite a lot of effort into researching the family - and the Rollerson family - certainly keeps me out of mischief and I am gathering stuff for my plan to create my Letters to the Grannies - Lewis was more interested in the men of the Dustin family.

I never saw my mother posing but I found this photo and thought I would use it - not am image I ever saw but I think it was taken on their trip to Australia in 1939 - Lewis was conceived on the Wanganella I do believe.

 Here is my father on the left - a bit of a dandy you might say. I hardly remember him not wearing a suit or a jacket and a hat - one of his hats is here somewhere. How time have changed.

 And my mother and mother-in-law - Ethel - hard work tracking her back ground - her maiden name was Smith which is still the most popular name in New Zealand. So photos like these are treasures.

Finally - this was my dessert the other night and it was wonderful.
Let's see how I get on in October.....


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