Monday, February 24, 2014

by by wellie - for the wee while

 I have abandoned Wellie for a while - the colours were getting worse and worse - more into the winter and believe you me, it sure ain't here. So this was my last little play and everything is stacked up for another day. I think the final straw was that the green I sprayed my backing here wasn't green at all.....I have a new theme and about 4 days to work it. Watch this space.

Watched the rugby yesterday and The Force seemed to start where they left off. plust he Hurries lost over night - try again this coming week, boys.

Here is Fisher and Paykel on Sydney Harbour yesterday. The J J's start on Friday. Should be lots of good racing hopefully when we get there too.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

rugby - concerts - foodie - no Wellie

I have given myself a wee break from Wellie and tomorrow I shall be back with my play and exploration. In the meantime on Friday I took myself off to a new little group of nice people and spent my time doing some stitching and chatting. I enjoyed it. Then we went to St Martin in the Field at the Concert Hall - such brilliant playing but sadly marred by people being allowed in willy nilly in the first half. First time in my life this has happened. We have been late for a concert and had to sit outside for an appropriate break without any drama - this made me quite cross.

Then we went to check out the Chevron Festival Gardens - busy in Northbridge with the Fringe Festival and the Perth Festival both on so lots of people around.

We decided to check out a reasonably new eatery - Pleasure to Meet You - very friendly people - great food. I think they talked slowly and caringly to us because they thought we were old - kept explaining where we might go to order. But one of the staff recognized us from other places we frequent...

The Super Rugby season has begun - fab win to the Chiefs yesterday and to the Highlanders today. Now to see how the Hurries go tonight. Off to cook our bbq and enjoy the evening in our garden. Back to Wellie tomorrow.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where is Wellie today?

Disastrous day for Wellie today - just couldn't make anything work and I seem to have a pile of dirty coloured papers which I don't like so set them all aside and try again . I think my list of things to play and try is far to long and I should concentrate on one thing at a time instead of going for ten.

In the meantime I finished the ground for this little piece which I am going at handstitch - it looks really good sitting beside me so I shall concentrate before I add the next bit

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wonderful Wellie some more

Some newspaper deli play today on the dominion post - thought the weather page appropriate since it's always a discussion point when mentioning Wellie.

Having to work the words though - tomorrow - because they need to go in reverse

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wonderful Wellie cont

Not much to show today apart from some layering up or layering over

So thought I would share some of our new rollers - many big boxes appeared today - should be on the web tomorrow - cheap as and lots of fun

I am reading Keith Floyd's auto biography Stirred but not Shaken written not long before he died. I have always enjoyed him and have a few of his cookbooks well used. This auto bio cost me 61p
I suppose Keith went off the popularity polls when he died but tv cooking shows have a lot to thank him for - I bet he would hate those ghastly shows on these days which I never watch...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wonderful Wellie Day 6

After an exhausting day the computer Harley moved outside to relax and have the excitement of her little life - she caught a mouse but instead of bringing it to us outside where we were relaxing she took it indoors and lost it in Ian's office. From what we saw this morning we think she are most of it - good fibre because she hadn't asked for any food so far today

Further working on the Wellie - stitched and stamped

Another piece on scrim background drying

Another piece drying on scrim

And a 4th having has paint applied through text stencil

Many many ideas to explore before I get to make anything but I have until the last day in Feb.

And this is fabric so a little cheating but I am experimenting with ways to give a light fabric a temporary body so you can machine stitch without a stabilizer - washed out nice and soft - I don't want to hoop and this is better than a fusible backing because once done it stays nice and light and soft

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wonderful Wellie Day 4

Running late today but have to say we have caught up on all the orders so able to relax with a glass of champers in the garden where it is a little cooler. I took a quarter of the page from The Dominion Post and lay it on felt which previously had painted webbing added to it. Then I stitched rows of Wonderful Wellie

Then I peeled off the paper where there is no stitch to expose the paint. This is actually my favourite paint of all time - Lumiere olive green.

Tomorrow I shall add more stitch and explore a new idea I have for stiffening fabric temporarily after another business was promoting a new product which triggered off a spot on the brain.

Harley behaved very well while we were away and has been our very best friend since we came back. For all the people who ask!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wonderful Wellie day 3

Next five minutes on WW - I have stamped letters all over

Hoping tomorrow to stitch one section - very busy so timing myself - cleaning the wooden stamps took about as long

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wonderful Wellie Day 2

Just a quick start - page three of the dominion post - word stencils sprayed with colour - let's see what I can manage tomorrow

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wonderful Wellie Day 1

I have a plan to blog a new project every day this month from today
I am working on a theme Wonderful Wellie and collected a Dominion Post to get me started. It should end up being a book or a vessel - let's see.
Tomorrow I should get into my studio to start work. Managed to fill up quite a few journal pages if notes and quick sketches on the plane yesterday (must have been the comfort of premium economy ) which got me going.

See you tomorrow with what I have done next

Monday, February 10, 2014

Short sweet fast as gone holiday

No photos he said this time so I obliged. We have had a lovely wee break and naturally I forgot to take photos

Landed in Christchurch - onto the next plane and off to Wellington where we met up with Grant and Hannah and drove to Feilding to Milton's birthday. Glorious day weather and people wise - about 85 people so great to catch up with lots of people not seen for a while - forgot to take a single photo. The sun shone though.

Breakfast in Palmerston North the next morning then lunch with my family which was lovely. Just as well I am coming back in May for the Tote and Gloat so I can see them all again and remember to take some photos.

This is the huia in Palmerston North - an extinct bird from the Manawatu

Square Edge - great Art Deco building. We got a parking ticket while we were here which is proving difficult to pay

Happy ducks in the park. The centre of PN is really nice these days - the train ran through the middle when I was young.
Must say it was very very windy in PN though.

The rugby sevens were on in Wellington so we visited the hub and watched a few costumed folk.

Wet and quite cold

These are the penguins from Christchurch - we watched the finals in our room and went out for a bite after- lots of costumed folk who would have had hangovers in the morning

Grant and Hannah flew back to Sydney early Sunday morning and Ian and I went up to Martinborough to Coney Vineyard where we had a lovely meal - our desserts

Tim Coney is a wonderful host with loads of great stories - if you venture to Martinborough we can thoroughly recommend Coneys.

And we had to visit the Crab Shack at least for a wine

This is of the bucket fountain in Cuba Mall - it has been there at least 43 years and possibly longer - still working away

Bought myself a little wooden box

Of lower case alphabet stamps

Had a wonderful time - didn't do a stitch - a draw - a word - a read - but refreshed and the brain is whirring for action. On the plane - lots of notes.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

twiddledee travel

 This is the photo I was trying to 'borrow' from Bruce for his birthday from his trip down south. He takes good photos.

 Little bit flat out today - we are off to New Zealand tonight for a family picnic tomorrow - near Feilding - lots of rellies to catch up with

 Then a night in Palmerston North - catching up with brothers and sister so we will be all rellied out. Close to my old stamping ground this neck of the woods

 Then of course to wonderful Wellie for a night or two. We fly tonight to Wellington via Christchurch - collect Grant and Hannah who are flying over from Sydney and off to the picnic. Be back on Monday night.

I am teaching two classes in Palmerston North in May so packing a suitcase to take over to leave for then. Brain having to operate on several levels here. I have managed to get 80% of the clubs done and posted - the computer being away on the weekend slowed me down on that one. The rest will go next Tuesday and Wednesday. I think we will enjoy the relax on the flight - I am also trying very hard to get Dale's Delight out today but I may just fail. It just needs putting together.

Been playing with these transparent acrylic skins - my problem is I am so very bad at waiting for things to dry and I have colour where one probably shouldn't but I shall persevere because I like the idea.

Will blog while away - see if I see anything exciting....

Sunday, February 02, 2014

It's February time

I am a bit limited this weekend because my computer has gone to hospital - some file was missing and it's best not to fiddle but I did think it would only be away for a few hours, not all weekend. I have so much to print off for the clubs etc so I think I will be busy this early party of the week. Instead I finished one of my articles for the e-mag. Here is an image transfer and a bit of playing. I am about to make a stencil of this as well.

I have been reading quite a bit about acrylic skins and decided to have a play. Quite fascinating and the possibilities of using these skins in work is very appealing. Lots more practice though. This one is a laser printed image - once done it is quite transparent and you can see through it to the base I have put it on. I am trying different gel mediums out - every article they say something different but I guess it might be what company has given them what product so I am simply trying all that I have here. For many years I have made acrylic skins but not translucent ones. I am not being precious here and some of the bases are just sample bits and pieces lying around.

For this one I stamped paint down with an alphabet and painted layers of medium - the biggest drama is the fact that you have to wait as it takes ages to dry. The medium should go transparent but this one stayed cloudy - anyway I have lain it on a sheet of Tissutex which has lots of different screened stuff already. Of course it got all caught up and stuck but it is all in the experimenting. I am very keen to make transparent skins so I can layer them and stitch. I don't want the shiny finish though although you could rub it with gilding wax.

On our kitchen floor I laid out a pile of new sari ribbon - this lot has been over dye and then cut into strips - something quite different. We also got a pile of lovely embroidered ribbons - with sequins, beads and wrapped threads. Be great in felting and I guess, anywhere.

We went to the Leederville farmers market again this morning - last week we got beautiful big king prawns some of which we have enjoyed in the BBQ

The newsletter is underway - just as well I finished my part before the computer vanished.

Also been back swimming every morning this year. Nothing like a fresh swim to plan the entire day.


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