Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wonderful Wellie Day 6

After an exhausting day the computer Harley moved outside to relax and have the excitement of her little life - she caught a mouse but instead of bringing it to us outside where we were relaxing she took it indoors and lost it in Ian's office. From what we saw this morning we think she are most of it - good fibre because she hadn't asked for any food so far today

Further working on the Wellie - stitched and stamped

Another piece on scrim background drying

Another piece drying on scrim

And a 4th having has paint applied through text stencil

Many many ideas to explore before I get to make anything but I have until the last day in Feb.

And this is fabric so a little cheating but I am experimenting with ways to give a light fabric a temporary body so you can machine stitch without a stabilizer - washed out nice and soft - I don't want to hoop and this is better than a fusible backing because once done it stays nice and light and soft

1 comment:

Heather said...

Harley is looking contented, plump and well fed!
Love the Wellie pieces - they are becoming very interesting.


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