Monday, February 10, 2014

Short sweet fast as gone holiday

No photos he said this time so I obliged. We have had a lovely wee break and naturally I forgot to take photos

Landed in Christchurch - onto the next plane and off to Wellington where we met up with Grant and Hannah and drove to Feilding to Milton's birthday. Glorious day weather and people wise - about 85 people so great to catch up with lots of people not seen for a while - forgot to take a single photo. The sun shone though.

Breakfast in Palmerston North the next morning then lunch with my family which was lovely. Just as well I am coming back in May for the Tote and Gloat so I can see them all again and remember to take some photos.

This is the huia in Palmerston North - an extinct bird from the Manawatu

Square Edge - great Art Deco building. We got a parking ticket while we were here which is proving difficult to pay

Happy ducks in the park. The centre of PN is really nice these days - the train ran through the middle when I was young.
Must say it was very very windy in PN though.

The rugby sevens were on in Wellington so we visited the hub and watched a few costumed folk.

Wet and quite cold

These are the penguins from Christchurch - we watched the finals in our room and went out for a bite after- lots of costumed folk who would have had hangovers in the morning

Grant and Hannah flew back to Sydney early Sunday morning and Ian and I went up to Martinborough to Coney Vineyard where we had a lovely meal - our desserts

Tim Coney is a wonderful host with loads of great stories - if you venture to Martinborough we can thoroughly recommend Coneys.

And we had to visit the Crab Shack at least for a wine

This is of the bucket fountain in Cuba Mall - it has been there at least 43 years and possibly longer - still working away

Bought myself a little wooden box

Of lower case alphabet stamps

Had a wonderful time - didn't do a stitch - a draw - a word - a read - but refreshed and the brain is whirring for action. On the plane - lots of notes.


Heather said...

Sounds like a great little break. It's always good to meet up with family and friends. Love that little box of stamps.

Robin Mac said...

Well, you did manage to take a few(?) photos anyway. sounds like you had a great back to the hard yakka. Cheers

Judy said...

What a lovely break you had, lucky you have family calling you back home, gives you a good excuse for a break.


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