Monday, February 24, 2014

by by wellie - for the wee while

 I have abandoned Wellie for a while - the colours were getting worse and worse - more into the winter and believe you me, it sure ain't here. So this was my last little play and everything is stacked up for another day. I think the final straw was that the green I sprayed my backing here wasn't green at all.....I have a new theme and about 4 days to work it. Watch this space.

Watched the rugby yesterday and The Force seemed to start where they left off. plust he Hurries lost over night - try again this coming week, boys.

Here is Fisher and Paykel on Sydney Harbour yesterday. The J J's start on Friday. Should be lots of good racing hopefully when we get there too.


Heather said...

Sorry Wellie isn't going the way you would like but I'm sure you'll resolve it.

Robin Mac said...

Off jauntering again? You will surely be racking up the frequent flyer points. Enjoy the sailing though. Cheers


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