Wednesday, February 05, 2014

twiddledee travel

 This is the photo I was trying to 'borrow' from Bruce for his birthday from his trip down south. He takes good photos.

 Little bit flat out today - we are off to New Zealand tonight for a family picnic tomorrow - near Feilding - lots of rellies to catch up with

 Then a night in Palmerston North - catching up with brothers and sister so we will be all rellied out. Close to my old stamping ground this neck of the woods

 Then of course to wonderful Wellie for a night or two. We fly tonight to Wellington via Christchurch - collect Grant and Hannah who are flying over from Sydney and off to the picnic. Be back on Monday night.

I am teaching two classes in Palmerston North in May so packing a suitcase to take over to leave for then. Brain having to operate on several levels here. I have managed to get 80% of the clubs done and posted - the computer being away on the weekend slowed me down on that one. The rest will go next Tuesday and Wednesday. I think we will enjoy the relax on the flight - I am also trying very hard to get Dale's Delight out today but I may just fail. It just needs putting together.

Been playing with these transparent acrylic skins - my problem is I am so very bad at waiting for things to dry and I have colour where one probably shouldn't but I shall persevere because I like the idea.

Will blog while away - see if I see anything exciting....


Penny said...

Have a lovely time while you are away, hope it is a gourmet picnic.

Heather said...

Your life makes me feel tired! Have a great time with your family - it's always good to catch up. Hope you have a lovely picnic and good journeys.

Amanda said...

Have a great picnic!!


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