Sunday, February 02, 2014

It's February time

I am a bit limited this weekend because my computer has gone to hospital - some file was missing and it's best not to fiddle but I did think it would only be away for a few hours, not all weekend. I have so much to print off for the clubs etc so I think I will be busy this early party of the week. Instead I finished one of my articles for the e-mag. Here is an image transfer and a bit of playing. I am about to make a stencil of this as well.

I have been reading quite a bit about acrylic skins and decided to have a play. Quite fascinating and the possibilities of using these skins in work is very appealing. Lots more practice though. This one is a laser printed image - once done it is quite transparent and you can see through it to the base I have put it on. I am trying different gel mediums out - every article they say something different but I guess it might be what company has given them what product so I am simply trying all that I have here. For many years I have made acrylic skins but not translucent ones. I am not being precious here and some of the bases are just sample bits and pieces lying around.

For this one I stamped paint down with an alphabet and painted layers of medium - the biggest drama is the fact that you have to wait as it takes ages to dry. The medium should go transparent but this one stayed cloudy - anyway I have lain it on a sheet of Tissutex which has lots of different screened stuff already. Of course it got all caught up and stuck but it is all in the experimenting. I am very keen to make transparent skins so I can layer them and stitch. I don't want the shiny finish though although you could rub it with gilding wax.

On our kitchen floor I laid out a pile of new sari ribbon - this lot has been over dye and then cut into strips - something quite different. We also got a pile of lovely embroidered ribbons - with sequins, beads and wrapped threads. Be great in felting and I guess, anywhere.

We went to the Leederville farmers market again this morning - last week we got beautiful big king prawns some of which we have enjoyed in the BBQ

The newsletter is underway - just as well I finished my part before the computer vanished.

Also been back swimming every morning this year. Nothing like a fresh swim to plan the entire day.

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Heather said...

Those sari ribbons sound wonderful. I haven't heard of acrylic skins - too many new things to cope with! I could cope with the king prawns though. Hope your computer comes home refreshed and ready to work hard.


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