Monday, December 31, 2012

That's almost it, folks, for another year

 2102 is nearly over and we are totally over the weather in Perth - apparently the last heat wave like this was in 1942 and there was no air con then.... Thought I would try out my new foiling pen. Very easy to use - you write, wait for it to go clear, and then press your foil on and rub it. Ian has just loaded them to the website. I had one years ago but haven't seen them for ages and one day I happened to discover them again.

 Back at the weather - last night we went to the Nedlands foreshore by the Nedlands yacht club for fish n chips and a wine and relax. Tonight we plan to go again - maybe have a swim first before we eat our dinner by the shore. It's too hot to think of much else. And who cares if you stay up late or not...

 It's very easy to please me - I love my paints but I hate it when I can't get the lids off. Thanks to Dale Anne Potter, I have cut plastic bags up and popped them over the jars before screwing the lids down. If this works I shall be very happy indeed. Ian will also be very happy because he is the bunny who has to get the lids off for me!

 Just to show how happy I am, I have been decanting all of my Opulence  Inks/Paints into spray bottles - not necessarily the same ration but filling the jar over 2/3rd full and 2 of my tiny airplane spoonfuls into each. Very important to shake before use each time because there is loads of mica in each paint. They work like acrylic  watercolours - does that make sense? I am having a great time experimenting.

 Plus I like playing with the panorama on my i phone so here they are again all lined up for action.

 I sprayed them all over my journal pages as I filled them - no particular order but I am sure you can see the mica shining away.

 And I used a stencil and my gelli plate - this is cotton poplin - I think a bit of overkill with the top spray of yellow

 Then I thought I spray them all through a stencil for fun

 and I did a fabric cover of stencil and full strength paint for reference

And because I like those sprays I have finished with a picture of them still lined up.

I did go to the studio to draw pohutukawa flowers and spray backgrounds etc but allowed myself to be sidetracked. However, I think I have worked through that now....

Finally I wish everyone all the best for the new year. I thank everyone for your comments, your lovely emails and everything. Lots of excitements planned at Chez Rollo for 2013 so it will continue to be all go go go. I have loads of ideas all in various stages - just waiting for the weather to improve and then I will be back working at full speed. We worked like mad today to get all the orders done and then I discovered that the post office is on holiday today so sorry, folks - all the orders will go out as soon as they re-open. If you haven't liked us on facebook, please do because I am so excited that we are almost at 5000 likes. Isn't that amazing? Makes me feel very humble.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

40 it is

 40 you say - she can't be that old? No - 40 degrees for a few days and more to come - I think next Wednesday is when there may be some respite. but - last year this naughty water lily didn't show her beautiful face and this morning there she was - only opened up a little to check out the world.

I have been playing with the Opulence Embellishment Paints - -
They are actually called Inks but names are tricky - they are more like Glazes in some ways - they are acrylic with very strong rich pigment and mica - you can always see the mica when you apply them. Up to now I have simply painted with them but I have decided to explore what they can do a little more. I have chosen three colours to match my theme (still drawing and stitching pohutukawa flowers)  -Iyana (olive green) - ariel (brown) and argeant (silver). I filled my spray bottles with some water and spooned a couple of tiny spoons (airplane special) of paint into each. Sprayed the cotton fabric with water and then sprayed colour over the top. Then I took a stencil (it is called Herringbone and I like it for these backgrounds - there is also one called Chevron) and I used my fingers to apply the full strength paint - when it is dry I plan to do more things tomorrow.

 A page from my Khadi rag paper sketchbook - the background here are Starburst Sprays but have used the Opulence through the stencil. Hope you can see the rich mica. When you decant these paints into spray bottle you must shale them when you use to get that mica moving - just the same as you do with the Moonglow Sprays.
 My spray bottles - and actually I stir them before I use them each time. you can apply these paints to basically any surface and with any sort of medium - try sponges - I was just a little lazy and used my fingers. Make sure you clean everything up quickly though because you are using acrylic - it peels off your fingers so I am alright to go out tonight with friends for dinner.

Below is my little stitchy piece I am working away on - it is probably the weather which makes you drift from one thing to another. But it is making progress. I have added a few wool nepps using the embellisher to see how they went.

 On Thursday we popped out to the airport to farewell Hannah and Grant on their return trip to London and then off on the snow train. It was good to see them here although it was a pretty short visit. Hannah had long boots on which made my feet very hot and sticky thinking about it. Can you tell I am over the heat? Actually, i never ever get into the heat. Thank goodness for air con.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'twas the day after Christmas

Hope we all had a lovely Christmas - this is the first time, if I recall correctly, that we have not cooked our Christmas dinner in the weber but used the oven. All worked well although the butcher was so busy cracking silly jokes that he wrote the order down wrong and I ended up with meat sans stuffing and other various things. I shall really enjoying having a go at him to pay him back. Great meat though but if I had realised before the shops shut I could have remedied the stuffing situation.   And with the extreme heat I cleaned up the studio, making sure I put everything in its carefully designated place, and we had our time in the comfort of air con. I bought some reindeer heads for the lucky children - you will notice I didn't buy any for Ian or me. All in a good cause though, as the money went to breast cancer research. Pistol Pete was lucky to be part of our Chritsmas family but not Hannah - she had lots of family Christmas dinners to attend. She and Grant came for breakfast this morning and I forgot to take a photo.... They fly back to London tomorrow and then off on the snow train to France.


We started with prawns and oysters but actually I think some people ate a lot of marshmallows first.

 Then we had roast lamb, roast pork, roast potato, roast parsnip, roast  pumpkin, roast kumera - all those things we love - and of course salads

And if that wasn't enough, we had pavlova - with a new sauce on the top of raspberries poached in rose, and Cassata and homemade ice cream. Such decadence. One year I will make a Xmas pudding to go with it and then we really will roll off the table.

Today I have been enjoying one of my Christmas books - actually I have nearly finished it - she is certainly a superb writer and loves words and involvement. So I have been rather lazy but apparently it is okay as it is only Boxing Day - although I have done the several orders which have come in today (and yesterday...)
Ian has been very busy loading music onto his new i pod and has spent most of the day with his ear phones on so if I talk quietly to him he doesn't hear me but it is okay as he doesn't listen to me anyway - ha ha.

Finally - this is what is in store for us the coming week - definitely indoors with air con on - I am about to go out now to our warehouse to deliver stuff and bring stuff back because I fear that any time tomorrow will be as bad or worse. Then I am planning to work indoors. Soon as I have finished my book I will be in the studio working...

Monday, December 24, 2012

'twas the night before

Greetings to everyone from Western Australia - this is our beautiful WA Christmas Tree.

We have been really busy today - amazing - I think people have time to think and then they order stuff.  As well as that we had magazines appear - we processed and sent out Art Journaling, Sew Somerset and Cloth Paper Scissors but they did not make the web. Yesterday We went to a wedding so in between the church service and the reception, I make the icecream and played with the gummy silk paper. Looking to create some parchment type things. I used the new Signature Stencils - really like these.

 I sprayed Gossamer Gold Moonshadow Mist through the stencils - worked a treat and when it was dry i added some Medieval Gold Glitz Spritz. I like the Glitzes because they give a mica shimmer without clouding everything in colour.

 Three together.

 This one has worked very well - Runes is the stencil

And a big box of wool nepps arrived today as well - I was allowed to open it and ooh and aah but I am banned from doing any further for a couple of days - says Ian....

Well I have also made the pavlova so we are good to go - almost. it is going to be 40 they say so we may be in the studio (means a very fast tidy up) and we may have to cook in the oven indoors if there is a total fire ban.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day where ever you are and with whoever you are.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

drama and more drama

We have had a pretty traumatic week - lost the internet and apparently the modem on Monday afternoon and have had to do everything through my i phone. I think I did amazingly well actually. Had to hand write people's orders and learn new skills. Particularly frustrating for Ian communicating with people who don't speak sufficient English, in other countries unrelated to where our server actually is. And getting bad advice. However at the death knoll (i.e. everyone about to go on holiday) all was recovered with a dollar or two cost and a new modem. Grant arrived this morning from Hamilton Island and showed us what to do if it happens again, without any angst. Thank goodness for techno in-house.

My Christmas shopping has been rather bleak - I set off yesterday and rapidly lost interest. bought some wine glasses for us and came home. But I did find these annoying Christmas Tree pens.

 Being off line meant Ian couldn't upload all the things he had on the wait - he has starting working again. He loaded lots of new colours in the silk chiffon ribbon and then a parcel or two arrived from Jacinta with some hand dyed ones. This is Kimberley Dreaming and I have stolen it for myself. Will be fabulous with the embellisher because being chiffon.... and also for all sorts of surface stuff plus maybe some wrapping and knitting and weaving. Too many ideas I have.

 This morning the latest Art Journaling magazine arrived and we will send them out on Monday - there are more in stock. Somerset Studio should arrive on Monday as it is part of the same shipment. Plus the topup ot of Art Quilting Studio and Sew Somerset arrived during the week. All the poeple waiting - we have sent these.

 And we also received the latest Artistcellar stencils - this is Romans - they are wonderful - I have set mine out with the intention of playing but tomorrow. In fact hoping to do a bit of playing tomorrow morning only as we are off to a wedding.


 Did some grocery shopping today and made the first of the decadent desserts - Cassata - make my pavlova and icecream on Monday. I have decided to try a new special sauce for pouring over the pav - if it works - raspberries and peaches - I will pop it in my fav recipes.

Hope everyone is not bogged down by Christmas - it is going to be 40 here and we always do so much trad. But - off to put up the Christmas Tree. Better to be late than never.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

finally back on track

 Thought I would show you the cheap nylon netting  I use for silk paper making - this was from our Fibres Day when we were making silk paper and I threw the nylon in the sink and left it until today to rinse out - tut tut - but we used the Sun Dye Fabric paints to colour the tussah silk and so now I know how effective these paints are on cheap nylon netting. Just so you know. Spotlight special.

 The Sun Dye Fabric paints are quite brilliant I am finding - everyone knows I love sprays so I decanted lots of paint into spray bottles, carefully labelling them. Ever so efficient. Such an easy way to use with stencils etc and for sun painting.

 One of the ladies in my Christchurch workshop gave me some lovely paper napkins so I thought I would have a play today. This is the napkin.

 My first one which I messed up a bit so I decided to do a second one.

 It is a wee bit darker but has worked well - I used black kunin felt - ironed webbing to the surface - bonded parts of the napkin - ironed on silver and red foil - actually I didn't iron it on I ironed the surface and while it was hot I lay the foil down and rubbed with my fingers - I like that effect better - then I bonded black Gossamer Fuse over the top - stitched and used my Versa Tool to make my pseudo buttonhole edges. you can have mega fun with something simple (I was going to say inexpensive until I remembered the price of the Hundertwasser ones)

 Then I took strips of Hot Sheets and used left over foils on them. Very easy to do - just heat and iron down all your foil scraps. You can stitch these down or roll them up for buttons or whatever you like.

 Grant is on Hamilton Island for the SB20 World Championships - looks like lovely sailing.

 They have had a couple of seconds and further backs - that is them on 3037

 There they are again

Early in the week along with all the other parcels in and parcels out (we have been very very busy) - the first run of my new booklet arrived - Let's Play with Romeo - Ian just has a couple of things to alter and back it goes so we should have it beginning of January sometime. It is always so satisfying when you can tick something off your list and I had an article deadline I nearly didn't meet but I did - so now that is out of the way I can get to my long list of next drop stuff.

The latest Embellish magazine arrived and it was very exciting to see my Kimberley Dreaming piece on the cover. I have just booked our next little break to Broome to use up some of my Qantas points in case they take them away.

Have also loaded my Christmas desserts in my favourite recipes since I have had a few emails asking for them. Looks like I will have to start my thinking about Christmas cooking very soon. I don't make a Christmas cake or plum pudding (although I do like them) because, quite simply, we don't need to eat them. And Christmas Day is just a mammoth eating task as it is....

Sunday, December 09, 2012

sad tale of a hibachi stand basically

A couple of pictures of goodies I collected up in NZ to photograph and draw - I didn't have anything red with me for drawing, spraying or stitching but i just fell in love again with the pohutukawa flowers so everything is looking a little Christmassy although that was not intended.

 Just another one.

 As we often do, we had a bbq last night and I am reporting that first - the hibachi is coming to the end of its life - this is our third or fourth. However, worse than that, Ian had some extra flames firing away and his chair has burnt through. He is somewhat devastated and I do hope our spicey coated lamb chops marinading away right now do not slide off tonight.

A slightly sorry state of events.

Loads of people have emailed about the Hundertwasser paper napkins I bought in Kawakawa. There is a gift shop there which sells them although they are not on their website. They are also available on ebay but in smaller numbers and therefore slightly more expensive but if you want them that won't be an issue - the ones I saw come from Hungary and there are more designs. I shall expect to see lots of interesting work done using them!

Since we made a slightly executive decision, we are about to embark on the painting etc of our bedroom. This is a major job in that we have to clear everything out first before painting and new furniture etc. We do have a LOT of books. It is going to look wonderful when it is done though - we just have to make ourselves move on this one so we can get onto the next task.

Saturday, December 08, 2012


When we were in Kawakawa where the Hundertwasser toilets are, I treated myself to three packets of Hundertwasser paper napkins - outrageous price I do have to say but I shall be using them wisely.

There were also some wonderful cups and saucers but at $195 each, we decided very quickly to pass. What would happen if we used them and broke one?

I have lovingly popped them in my Hundertwasser basket and they will wait until the moment is right.


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