Saturday, December 22, 2012

drama and more drama

We have had a pretty traumatic week - lost the internet and apparently the modem on Monday afternoon and have had to do everything through my i phone. I think I did amazingly well actually. Had to hand write people's orders and learn new skills. Particularly frustrating for Ian communicating with people who don't speak sufficient English, in other countries unrelated to where our server actually is. And getting bad advice. However at the death knoll (i.e. everyone about to go on holiday) all was recovered with a dollar or two cost and a new modem. Grant arrived this morning from Hamilton Island and showed us what to do if it happens again, without any angst. Thank goodness for techno in-house.

My Christmas shopping has been rather bleak - I set off yesterday and rapidly lost interest. bought some wine glasses for us and came home. But I did find these annoying Christmas Tree pens.

 Being off line meant Ian couldn't upload all the things he had on the wait - he has starting working again. He loaded lots of new colours in the silk chiffon ribbon and then a parcel or two arrived from Jacinta with some hand dyed ones. This is Kimberley Dreaming and I have stolen it for myself. Will be fabulous with the embellisher because being chiffon.... and also for all sorts of surface stuff plus maybe some wrapping and knitting and weaving. Too many ideas I have.

 This morning the latest Art Journaling magazine arrived and we will send them out on Monday - there are more in stock. Somerset Studio should arrive on Monday as it is part of the same shipment. Plus the topup ot of Art Quilting Studio and Sew Somerset arrived during the week. All the poeple waiting - we have sent these.

 And we also received the latest Artistcellar stencils - this is Romans - they are wonderful - I have set mine out with the intention of playing but tomorrow. In fact hoping to do a bit of playing tomorrow morning only as we are off to a wedding.


 Did some grocery shopping today and made the first of the decadent desserts - Cassata - make my pavlova and icecream on Monday. I have decided to try a new special sauce for pouring over the pav - if it works - raspberries and peaches - I will pop it in my fav recipes.

Hope everyone is not bogged down by Christmas - it is going to be 40 here and we always do so much trad. But - off to put up the Christmas Tree. Better to be late than never.


Heather said...

You don't sound too frazzled inspite of the technical traumas. Glad they are sorted now and hope you can catch up on everything.
Your desserts sound delicious and all those lovely products look so tempting.

Amanda said...

Just keep filling those new wine glasses!!! Happy Christmas to you both and your family!

Amo xx

Maggi said...

So glad that you have your internet sorted and it sounds like the Christmas food preparations are well on the way, if not the presents. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year and make good use of the new wine glasses.

Julie said...

Gremlins in the works can cause so much strife. I'm glad you've got sorted out though. Have a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. x

Dorothy said...

I hope you and Ian have a very Happy (or should I say Merry with the new wine glasses) Christmas, the forecast
on the internet last night said a little cooler than the 40 originally promised,at least in Mandurah so here'e hoping. My very best wishes for 2013 and pray that it is all you aspire to.


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