Monday, December 31, 2012

That's almost it, folks, for another year

 2102 is nearly over and we are totally over the weather in Perth - apparently the last heat wave like this was in 1942 and there was no air con then.... Thought I would try out my new foiling pen. Very easy to use - you write, wait for it to go clear, and then press your foil on and rub it. Ian has just loaded them to the website. I had one years ago but haven't seen them for ages and one day I happened to discover them again.

 Back at the weather - last night we went to the Nedlands foreshore by the Nedlands yacht club for fish n chips and a wine and relax. Tonight we plan to go again - maybe have a swim first before we eat our dinner by the shore. It's too hot to think of much else. And who cares if you stay up late or not...

 It's very easy to please me - I love my paints but I hate it when I can't get the lids off. Thanks to Dale Anne Potter, I have cut plastic bags up and popped them over the jars before screwing the lids down. If this works I shall be very happy indeed. Ian will also be very happy because he is the bunny who has to get the lids off for me!

 Just to show how happy I am, I have been decanting all of my Opulence  Inks/Paints into spray bottles - not necessarily the same ration but filling the jar over 2/3rd full and 2 of my tiny airplane spoonfuls into each. Very important to shake before use each time because there is loads of mica in each paint. They work like acrylic  watercolours - does that make sense? I am having a great time experimenting.

 Plus I like playing with the panorama on my i phone so here they are again all lined up for action.

 I sprayed them all over my journal pages as I filled them - no particular order but I am sure you can see the mica shining away.

 And I used a stencil and my gelli plate - this is cotton poplin - I think a bit of overkill with the top spray of yellow

 Then I thought I spray them all through a stencil for fun

 and I did a fabric cover of stencil and full strength paint for reference

And because I like those sprays I have finished with a picture of them still lined up.

I did go to the studio to draw pohutukawa flowers and spray backgrounds etc but allowed myself to be sidetracked. However, I think I have worked through that now....

Finally I wish everyone all the best for the new year. I thank everyone for your comments, your lovely emails and everything. Lots of excitements planned at Chez Rollo for 2013 so it will continue to be all go go go. I have loads of ideas all in various stages - just waiting for the weather to improve and then I will be back working at full speed. We worked like mad today to get all the orders done and then I discovered that the post office is on holiday today so sorry, folks - all the orders will go out as soon as they re-open. If you haven't liked us on facebook, please do because I am so excited that we are almost at 5000 likes. Isn't that amazing? Makes me feel very humble.


Heather said...

Happy New Year to you and Ian, enjoy your swim and chips! Love the look of the foiling pen - what a great idea. Your sprays look so lovely all lined up like that with the samples too. Hope it cools down for you soon, and I hope it stops raining here soon too. You can have too much of a good thing!

Lexa said...

Happy New Year Dale and Ian. Wishing you a prosperous and creative 2013.

Aussie Jo said...

Happy New Year Dale and Ian.
I like that brickish effect!!

Judy said...

Wishing you and Ian a happy and prosperous 2013. Foiling Pen top of the list of must haves for 2013, among lots of others of course. I must try the tip of plastic bag over jar before lids on, I have awful trouble with lids on paints.even my magic gripper won't more them. Lots of lovely paints and sprays, and try-outs.

Purple Missus said...

Just browsing. A couple of tips - which you probably already know anyway.
First time you open a jar of paint/medium etc. rub vaseline around the rim - you'll have no trouble getting it open again.
Providing they don't leak, store your spray bottles upside down - it stops the mica from clogging up the nozzle.
Hope this helps.


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