Saturday, January 05, 2013

happy new year

Wow - well I meant to write on New Year's Day and say Happy New Year - we have been so busy that I failed.  It has been horrible and hot but not tragic like poor Tassie - my heart bleeds for you all. I have been playing when I can with my Opulent paints - I am putting together an e book and hoping it will be ready in a couple of weeks. I like instant results but occasionally I am actually realistic. Let's Play with Romeo is having its final update and will be off to be printed on Monday so not far away. If you get our newsletter and I would think many of my blog readers do - well - what a response to it this month. Distress Stains almost depleted and the hand dyed wool blanket stacks - I think there are 5 left and I made heaps with all the offcuts. And they didn't even make the website. Now I am making hand dyed cotton packs becasue I know that our customers like little bits to play with - we had people here this week who wanted loads of little packs because that is something people know us for.

Still mucking about with the pohutukawa flower and lots of different things from my photos today - above is just a drawing I did but I have been transferring with various media - TAP - transfer artist paper - still the best for complete images - inkjet cotton and silk (forgot to try the organza as yet) - dura-lar which is really good as you can reuse the film - it has a different result because you are using gel medium on the surface - and fusible webbing transfer. They all give different results which I love/ Below are some of my playings and for some of them I am

 This one was fusible webbing and it is quite esoteric. Remember any you stuff up can always be fixed up with pencils, crayons, stitch etc.

These  two are on khadi paper and are TAP (I think)

 another on khadi with TAP - over my spraying and stencilling

 TAP image on Evolon
Fisuble webbing on cotton - very pleased with this one

 TAP on cotton polin - slightly clearer

 TAP on cotton

I am pretty pleased with them - I did do about 20 different ones so I can play - stitch - burn the evolon and create a little book. Hope you like them. Off to bbq


Heather said...

Enjoy your bbq. Your playings are all wonderful and so varied. Lots of opportunities for further development there. The news from Tasmania is so frightening. I do hope the fires can soon be controlled and that everyone is safe.

Dorothy said...

You have got some lovely pieces
there, full of lots of possibilities The fires in Tasmania are a stark reminder of the fragility of the earth, it is a real terrifying tragedy.we feel for the people of Tasmania.

Judy said...

Dale, beautiful experiments with the pohutukawa flowers, look forward to further instalments. have a good year both of you.


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