Sunday, January 20, 2013

this and that on a Sunday

 Ian bought me a bunch of lovely roses - he knows the way to my heart. I have one puny rose growing in the garden and would love to live somewhere where I could have lots and lots but they don't suit our place so buying a bunch for the house is wonderful.

 The other night - it rained and was rather cold - we managed our bbq - we had a lovely piece of rump which I marinated and we cooked in one piece - one of the nicest meats we have had for ages I think - and I made a fruit, tomato and mint salad and forgot to add the feta - never mind - next time. It was dark but this is what it looked like on the dish and it was very tasty and they went well together.

Today I have been working on a little book - I think this is the cover. It is for an article I am writing so there will be quite a few more pages to go - or go. I have a heap of stuff in various stages all around and about.

Most important excitement is
How would you like to spend a week in Abrezzo in Italy next year - with me! I am really excited about this - I have always wanted to teach in Europe so I am hoping it will happen. I have so many ideas beyond what is written on my page and actually have some pages for a little book in various stages on my table but I am keeping it all as surprises.

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Heather said...

Your roses are beautiful and I love the book cover. Do hope you get your wish to teach in Italy - your workshop is bound to be popular and your students will have a great time.


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